Apache Camel

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Apache Camel is an integration framework that makes it easier to route messages between diverse systems and application components. It allows developers to easily send messages to systems or components using multiple transports, languages, and data formats. Its support for Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) makes it simple to implement many different publisher-subscriber models with minimum coding.

In Apache Camel Training course, Participants will learn to build integration solutions that use Enterprise Integration Patterns. These EIPs identify common designs for asynchronous, message-centric solutions.

By attending Apache Camel workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Briefly describe the role Camel plays in a Service Oriented Architecture and its value
  • Describe the difference between Orchestration and Choreography and give a sample use case
  • Define an Enterprise Integration Pattern (EIP) and give two examples
  • Match an EIP pattern graphic with its associated pattern description
  • Control the routing of messages from a data generator to a data consumer
  • Control the exchange of messages between two systems, services, or application components using both a transactional model and a non-transactional model
  • Use Camel components to connect to a variety of endpoints including java beans, CXF for web services, ActiveMQ for JMS, JDBC data sources, file and ftp sources
  • Extend the Camel type converter system for new message types
  • Use Camel to control the timing and sequencing of message delivery
  • Specify Camel routes using Java and Spring Domain Specific Language (DSL)
  • Implement Camel messaging concurrency for scalability
  • Implement Camel Test for unit and integration testing
  • Deploy Camel to a JVM, Tomcat Server, and Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) environment
  • Set up an error hander and exception policy to manage communication problems
  • Monitor and test Camel operations to ensure it is working successfully

  • Prior exposure to JAVA /J2EE, Database skills
  • Some knowledge about IDE and Deployment Tool

  • Java Application Programmers



Introducing Camel

  • Get started with Camel; learn what is Camel and what is use of Camel

Architecture of Camel

  • Learn about architecture of Camel and concepts

Message Model

  • Learn types of abstraction for modeling messages

Setting up Apache Camel

  • Install and configure Apache Camel and deploy your first application


  • Learn how to create routing application with Camel. Learn what is endpoint and how to communicate with FTP, JMS and create routes using JAVA & Spring


  • Understand data transformation and learn how camel can help to transform data into one format to another

Working with Beans

  • Learn how to reduce coupling using bean and also work with bean registries, bean methods and bean binding

Enterprise Integration Patterns

  • Learn how Apache Camel has implemented EIPs, Aggregator, Splitter, Dynamic Router, Routing Slip, Load Balancer

Camel Components

  • Learn how to work with component such as File, CXF Web services, JMS, Database, JPA, SEDA and Timer


  • Understand the need of transaction and how to use and configure transaction using Spring’s transaction management

Error Handling

  • Learn out of the box error handling provided by Camel


  • Understand Camel’s threading model and how to use and configure thread pools and profiles

Developing and Deploying Camel Project

  • Developing and deploying your camel project with Eclipse IDE and Maven

Camel Test Kit

  • Learn how to use Camel Test Kit and testing using mocks and without mocks

Monitoring & Managing Camel

  • Understand monitoring camel instances, tracking application activities, notification and managing Camel applications

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