SAS (105 Courses)

Analytics Platform

Data Mining - Principles and Best Practices Data Mining Techniques -Theory and Practice
SAS Conversation Designer SAS Grid Manager - Administration
SAS Merchandise Planning for Solution Administrators SAS Strategy Management - Building and Managing a Scorecard Strategy
SAS Visual Analytics - Administering a Distributed Deployment SAS Visual Analytics - Administering a Non-Distributed Deployment on Linux
SAS Visual Analytics - Administering a Non-Distributed Deployment on Windows SAS Viya Administration

Advanced Analytics

Applied Econometrics Bayesian Analyses Using SAS
Building and Solving Optimization Models with SAS/OR Categorical Data Analysis Using Logistic Regression
Discrete-Event Simulation with SAS Simulation Studio Electric Load Forecasting - Fundamentals and Best Practices
Forecast Value Added Analysis Forecasting Using Model Studio in SAS Viya
Forecasting Using SAS Forecast Server Forecasting Using SAS Software
Hadoop Data Management with Hive, Pig, and SAS Longitudinal Data Analysis with Discrete and Continuous Responses
Managing Models in SAS Viya Mixed Models Analyses Using SAS
Modeling Trend, Cycles, and Seasonality in Time Series Data Using PROC UCM Multivariate Statistics for Understanding Complex Data
Optimization Concepts for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Programming with SAS/IML
SAS Contextual Analysis - Building Models SAS Visual Analytics - Using SAS Visual Data Builder
Social Network Analysis for Business Applications State Space Modeling Essentials Using the SSM Procedure in SAS/ETS
Statistical Analysis with the GLIMMIX Procedure Survival Analysis Using the Proportional Hazards Model
Survival Data Mining: A Programming Approach Text Analytics and Sentiment Mining Using SAS
Time Series Modeling Tree-Based Machine Learning Methods in SAS Viya
Using SAS Forecast Server Procedures Using SAS to Put Open Source Models into Production

Customer Intelligence

SAS Intelligent Decisioning SAS Marketing Automation - Administration
SAS Marketing Automation - Defining the Data and Structure for Campaigns SAS Marketing Automation - Designing and Executing Outbound Marketing Campaigns
SAS Marketing Optimization - Maximizing Campaign Efficiency SAS Real-Time Decision Manager - Creating and Managing Campaigns
SAS Real-Time Decision Manager - Creating Resources for Inbound Campaigns

Data Management

DataFlux Data Management Studio DataFlux Data Management Studio - Creating a New Data Type in the Quality Knowledge Base
DataFlux Data Management Studio - Customizing the Quality Knowledge Base (QKB) Leveraging the Power of QKB in SAS Technology Components
Processing Database and PC File Data with SAS/ACCESS Software SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata
SAS Data Governance SAS Data Integration Studio - Essentials
SAS Federation Server - Accessing and Virtualizing Enterprise Data Self-Service Data Preparation in SAS Viya
Working with SAS Data Loader for Hadoop

Financial Management

Modeling Cost Using SAS Cost and Profitability Management SAS Financial Management - Data Administration
SAS Financial Management - Financial Planning SAS Financial Management - Financial Reporting

Foundation Tools

High-Performance Data Manipulation with SAS DS2 Programming for SAS Viya
SAS/GRAPH - Essentials SAS and Hadoop
SAS Enterprise Guide - Creating Reports and Graphs SAS Enterprise Guide - Querying and Reporting
SAS Enterprise Guide for Experienced SAS Programmers SAS Macro Language - Essentials
SAS ODS Graphics SAS Programming - Data Manipulation Techniques
SAS Report Writing - Essentials SAS SQL - Essentials
Strategies and Concepts for Data Scientists and Business Analysts

Fraud and Security Intelligence

Fraud Detection Using Descriptive, Predictive, and Social Network Analytics SAS Anti-Money Laundering in SAS Viya
SAS Anti-Money Laundering in SAS Viya - Administration SAS Compliance Solutions - Administration
SAS Compliance Solutions - Essentials SAS Fraud Framework - Implementing the SAS Social Network Analysis Interface
SAS Fraud Framework - Investigating Alerts Using Social Network Analysis SAS Fraud Management - Using Manager's Workbench
SAS Fraud Management - Using SAS Rules Studio SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management
SAS Intelligence & Investigation Management - Administration SAS Visual Investigator - Analysis and Investigation
SAS Visual Investigator - Building the Interface Using SAS Talon

Health & Life Sciences

SAS Clinical Data Integration SAS Clinical Data Integration - Administration
SAS Drug Development Essentials SAS Drug Development for Programmers/Analysts
SAS Drug Development for Managing Projects, Analyses, and Users


IBM SPSS Modeler - Clustering & Association Modeling IBM SPSS Modeler - Data Preparation
IBM SPSS Modeler - Foundations IBM SPSS Modeler - Predictive Modeling
IBM SPSS Modeler - Predictive Modeling for Categorical Targets IBM SPSS Modeler - Predictive Modeling for Continuous Targets
IBM SPSS Modeler - Text Analytics IBM SPSS Modeler - Time Series Analysis
IBM SPSS - Collaboration and Deployment Services IBM SPSS - Decision Trees
IBM SPSS - Neural Networks IBM SPSS Amos - Structural Equation Modeling
IBM SPSS Custom - Presenting Data IBM SPSS Statistics - Data Management and Manipulation
IBM SPSS Statistics - Essentials IBM SPSS Statistics - Statistical Analysis
IBM SPSS Categories - Correspondence Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling PES - SPSS Integration

JMP Software

Application Development Using the JMP Scripting Language JMP - Analyzing and Modeling Multidimensional Data
JMP - Analyzing Discrete Responses JMP - ANOVA and Regression
JMP - Classic Design of Experiments JMP - Custom Design of Experiments
JMP - Data Exploration JMP - Finding Important Predictors
JMP - Measurement System Analysis JMP - Modern Screening Designs
JMP - Statistical Process Control JMP Pro - Analyzing Curves and Profiles Using the Functional Data Explorer
JMP Pro - Exploring and Analyzing Patterns in Text Data Predictive Modeling Using JMP Pro

Machine Learning

Analytics for IoT Using SAS Event Stream Processing Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner
Applied Clustering Techniques Decision Tree Modeling
Deep Learning Using SAS Feature Engineering and Data Preparation for Analytics
Machine Learning Using SAS Viya Network Analysis and Network Optimization in SAS Viya
Neural Networks - Essentials Neural Network - Modeling
Predictive Modeling Using Logistic Regression Predictive Modeling Using SAS Enterprise Miner
Predictive Modeling Using SAS In-Memory Statistics SAS Enterprise Miner - High-Performance Data Mining Nodes
SAS Event Stream Processing SAS Visual Statistics - Interactive Model Building
SAS Visual Statistics in SAS Viya - Interactive Model Building SAS Visual Text Analytics in SAS Viya
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning on SAS Viya SAS Viya and Python Integration for Machine Learning
SAS Viya and R Integration for Machine Learning Supervised Machine Learning Procedures Using SAS Viya in SAS Studio
Text Analytics Using SAS Text Miner Using SAS Viya REST APIs with Python and R

Risk Management

Credit Risk Modeling Using SAS Credit Scorecard Development and Implementation
Development of Credit Scoring Applications Using SAS Enterprise Miner SAS Model Implementation Platform
SAS Risk and Finance Workbench SAS Risk Modeling: Using the Solution
SAS Solution Content for Stress Testing SAS Model Risk Management

Statistical Analysis

ANOVA and Regression ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression
Introduction to Statistical Concepts Probability Surveys - Design, Descriptive Statistics, and Analysis
Structural Equation Modeling Using SAS

Supply Chain Intelligence

SAS Collaborative Planning Workbench SAS Demand-Driven Planning and Optimization
SAS Forecast Analyst Workbench - Using the Solution Using SAS Inventory Optimization

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