Programming / Scripting Languages (199 Courses)

Computer Programming Languages

ABAP ActionScript
Apex Salesforce AppleScript
Ada Assembly Language
AutoIt AWK
Bash Shell C Programming
C++ Programming C# Programming
Clojure Cobol
ColdFusion Delphi
Elixir ELM
F# ECMAScript
Fortran Go Language / GoLang
Groovy Haskell
IDL Java
JavaScript JavaScript ES6
Jython Julia
Korn Shell Labview
Lua Lisp
Matlab MQL
Objective-C Octave
Perl PHP
PL/SQL Prolog
Pro*C Python
Q# R Programming
Rexx Programming Ruby
Rust SAS Programming
Scala Scilab
Simulink Solidity Programming
Swift SystemVerilog
TACL (Tandem Advanced Command Language) TAL/pTAL (Transaction Application Language)
Tcl (Tool Command Language) Transact SQL (T-SQL)
Testing and Test Control Notation (TTCN) Visual Basic
VB.net VBA
VBScript Verilog
VHDL RDMA Programming

C, C++ Addons

Embedded C Multithreading in C
Socket Programming in C SystemC
C++ Concurrency C++ Design Patterns
C++ Programming for C Programmers C++ Programming for Java and C# Developers
C++ Programming for Non-C Programmers C++ Standard Template Library
Embedded C++ Object-Oriented Design for C++
OpenFOAM Parallel Computing with CUDA
Secure Coding in C and C++

JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries

Angular 10 Electron JS
Grunt Hapi JS
Kracken JS Loopback JS
Material UI Meteor JS
MobX NativeScript
Nest JS Node JS
Nuxt.js React Native
Redux RequireJS
Tensorflow.js Typescript
Visualize.js WebGL

Perl Addons

CGI with PERL Perl for System Administrators
Perl with Moose

PHP Addons & Frameworks/Libraries

Cake PHP Laravel
PHP and mySQL PHP with Drupal
Yii PHP Zend Framework

Python Addons

High-Performance Computing with Python Image Processing with Python
MicroPython Python - API Design
Python - Building Recommendation Systems Python - Data Engineering
Python - Data Science Python - Data Wrangling
Python - Design Patterns Python for Data Analysis
Python for Financial Technologies Python - GeoSpatial Data Analysis
Python - Network Automation Python - Network Programming
Python - NLP Python - Programming Google App Engine Applications
Python - Security Python - Statistical Analysis in Data Science
Windows Programming with Python

Python Frameworks/Libraries

BioPython for Bioinformatics Data Analysis with Python and Pandas
Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib Django
Jupyter Notebook NLTK
NumPy NumPy and SciPy
PyQt Python GUI Development with Tkinter
PySpark PyTorch
SaltStack SymPy (Symbolic Computation on Python)
TurboGears Web2py
Flask Building a command-line (CLI) app with argparse
Camelot Framework Twisted framework
WxPython IronPython

R Language Addons

Bayesian Inference with R Data Analysis and Visualization with R
Data Visualisation with R Data Visualization with R and ggplot2
Deep Learning with R Machine Learning With R
Microsoft Azure - Machine Learning Studio with R Integration Natural Language Processing (NLP) with R
R Analytics R Bioconductor for Bioinformatics
R Markdown Text Mining with R

Ruby Addons

Ruby and Rails for System Administrators Ruby on Rails

Build Tools

Apache ANT Apache MAVEN
Gradle IBM Rational Build Forge


Compiler Design Developing Facebook Applications
MFC Windows Programming for C++ Programmers OpenMP
Secure Software Development Visual C++ Windows Programming
Windows Programming and MFC

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