Avaya Aura Session and System Manager Administration

( Duration: 10 Days )

In Avaya Aura Session and System Manager Administration training course, Participants will learn to manage and administer System and Session Manager, including installation of the Linux operating system and installation of System Platform and Session Manager software. System Manager topics covered in this course are foundational System Manager Administrative tasks that are common to all adopting products. This course does not focus on specific tasks relating to individual adopting products such as Communication Manager or Communication Server 1000.

By attending Avaya Aura Session and System Manager Administration workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Prepare the installation environment, install System Manager and validate successful install
  • Set up and administer System Manager user groups and user accounts
  • Configure System Manager for business continuity, including high availability, back up, and restoration of system data
  • Exploit system discovery in the network
  • Manage and deploy licenses
  • Use bulk import and export facility
  • Prepare the installation environment, install Session Manager and validate its success
  • Session Manager instances
  • Session Manager users
  • Session Manager in-enterprise routing through centralized SIP locations, dial plans, and network routing policies
  • Session Manager routing beyond the enterprise
  • Manage the application of features to calls through sequenced and named applications
  • Session Manager business continuity
  • Administer calls admission control to manage quality of service and bandwidth consumption
  • Administer Session Manager security
  • Troubleshoot Session Manager related issues and resolve problems

Those responsible for installing, configuring, administering, and maintaining Avaya Aura Session Manager and System Manager



System Manager

  • Installation
  • Architecture
  • Users and User Management
    • Setting Up, Managing, and Administering User Accounts, User Types, and Groups
  • System Manager and the Secure Access Link (SAL)
  • Security
  • Business Continuity
    • Configuring High Availability
    • Backing Up and Restoring
  • Discovering Inventory in the Network
  • Deploying Product Licenses
  • Bulk Import and Export

Session Manager

  • Installation
  • SIP Clients and centralized SIP Routing
    • User Administration, Configuring SIP Phones, SIP Phones, and Personal Profile Manager
    • Session Manager as SIP Registrar and SIP Location Server
    • Audio and Video Call Analysis
  • Non-SIP Clients and Centralized Call Routing
    • Apply Network Routing Policies (NRP) on Avaya Aura Session Manager
    • NRP concepts
    • Creating the required data structures and combining them as routing policies
  • Integrating Different Telephony Systems, including SIP and non-SIP Calls
  • Handling Calls Beyond the Enterprise
    • Calls to and from the Public Switched Telephone Network
    • Calls to other IP Networks via SBCs
  • Session Manager and Feature Application
    • Applying Features and Services to Calls
      • Sequenced Applications
      • Named Applications
      • Applying features to Implicit Users
  • Scale, Redundancy, and Failover
    • SIP Monitoring
    • Core redundancy with Primary and Secondary Session Managers
    • User Communities
    • Branch redundancy from the Core with Survivable Remote Session Manager
    • Failover Triggers and the Failover Process
    • Configuring Phones for Redundancy
    • Redundant SIP Entities
  • Call Admissions Control and Bandwidth Management
  • Security
    • SM100 and Session Manager Firewall Operations
  • Maintenance
    • Architecture
    • Data Replication and Synchronization
  • Troubleshooting

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