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SAP IQ - Developers

( Duration: 5 Days )

By attending SAP IQ - Developers training course, you will learn to:

  • Implement an optimum table and index configuration through the use of best design practices, the Index Advisor, and database options
  • Understand the methods of loading and changing data
  • Analyze IQ data with OLAP functions
  • Program stored procedures, custom functions, and events
  • Understand the design and functionality of the IQ query engine and optimization process
  • Interpret query plans and timing diagrams
  • Identify friction points in query evaluation, table joins, and other plan operators
  • Describe parallelism in IQ
  • Influence the optimizer to improve query performance

  • Understanding of database concepts and database fundamentals
  • Familiarity with any SQL dialect

  • This SAP IQ - Developers workshop is ideal for Query Developers



SAP IQ Overview

  • SAP IQ Overview

Introduction to Watcom-SQL

  • Identify the differences between SQL dialects
  • Identify the language elements and conventions of Watcom-SQL
  • Describe IQ joins

Creating Tables

  • Create, drop, and alter tables
  • Create and drop indexes
  • Create, drop, and merge table partitions
  • Use temporary tables and system tables

Designing Indexes

  • Explain how indexes work in IQ
  • Recognize the best indexes to use based on query & data type
  • Use the Index Advisor to improve index designs
  • Monitor indexes to determine effectiveness

Manipulating Data

  • Load data into tables
  • Describe and resolve issues related to loading data
  • Use the UPDATE statement
  • Delete data from a table
  • Export data from an IQ database

Functions and Procedures

  • Identify the types of built-in functions supported by IQ
  • Create user-defined functions
  • Identify IQ procedures and how they are used

Analyzing Data

  • Explain the benefits of using the OLAP functions
  • Identify how to use GROUP BY ROLLUP and CUBE operators
  • Use windowed functions to analyze data

Query Processing Overview

  • Describe the IQ query engine architecture
  • Explain index-based evaluation
  • Explain data projection
  • Describe how data flows through a query tree
  • Identify query tree operators
  • Generate query plans

Timing and Execution

  • Create query timing diagrams
  • Identify segments of query execution to be tuned

Query Plan Nodes

  • Read a query plan
  • Describe the nodes of a query plan
  • Describe how predicates and indexes interact in queries


  • Explain join node functionality
  • Identify how joins are executed in a query
  • Identify join costs

Other Operators

  • Group By and equivalent nodes
  • Describe parallel query operators


  • Controlling optimization with database options
  • Influencing optimization in queries

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