RSA Digital Certificate Management Solution Installation and Administration

( Duration: 2 Days )

The RSA Digital Certificate Management Solution Installation and Administration training course provides Participants with the knowledge required to plan, install, configure, manage, and maintain the RSA Digital Certificate Solution product – which includes the Certificate Manager, Registration Manager, OneStep, Key Recovery Manager and RCM-API components.

They learn about the functions and capabilities of the RSA Digital Certificate Solution product suite, plan and deploy components according to a case study, and learn the various aspects of managing the Certificate Authority and maintaining certificates.

By attending RSA Digital Certificate Management Solution Installation and Administration workshop, Participants will:

  • Identify the components of a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
  • Describe the RSA Digital Certificate Solution product suite and its applications, functions, administrator types, and roles
  • OneStep components
  • Install and Configure Certificate Manager, Registration Manager and OneStep components
  • Manage certificate and CA status
  • Generate Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs); configure certificate and CRL publishing
  • Manage certificate profiles, renew certificates, and manage server certificates
  • Identify solutions to common issues with RSA Digital Certificate Management Solution product
  • Configure logging information
  • Back up and restore the RSA Certificate Authority database
  • Describe how to install RSA Key Recovery Manager and describe Key Recovery Operator tasks

Attending RSA Cryptography and Digital Certificate Concepts training course or equivalent background; Familiarity with web browser applications; Networking and Operating System fundamentals – including Mail Server administration functions, DNS, TCP/IP, SSL and LDAP.

Security Professionals who require an in-depth knowledge of installing and/or administering the RSA Digital Certificate Management Solution product.




  • Overview of the RSA Digital Certificate Solution product suite – its components and architecture
  • Overview of the RSA Digital Certificate Solution administration interface

Planning and Installing RSA Certificate Manager

  • Planning your certificate needs and product deployment
  • Certificate Manager hardware and software requirements
  • Installing Certificate Manager

Configuring RSA Certificate Manager

  • Creating the CA structure
  • Configuring High Availability

Installing RSA Registration Manager and RSA OneStep

  • Registration Manager overview
  • Registration Manager hardware and software requirements
  • Installing Registration Manager
  • Installing OneStep
  • Enrolling for certificates using OneStep

Vetting Certificates

  • Creating trust relationships
  • Obtaining a Vettor certificate
  • Editing certificate roles and vettor rights
  • Enrolling for end-user certificates
  • Vetting end-user certificate requests

Managing Status

  • Changing certificate status
  • Changing CA status
  • Generating Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)
  • Generating Authority Revocation Lists (ARLs)
  • Configuring CRLs
  • Configuring a jurisdiction for external publishing
  • Configuring a CA for local publishing
  • Configuring CRL distribution points

Maintaining Certificates

  • Viewing certificates
  • Creating reports based on search criteria
  • Modifying and creating certificate profiles
  • Configuring certificate expiry
  • Creating a certificate renewal policy
  • Renewing certificates
  • Reissuing an internal server certificate


  • Identifying common issues, causes and solutions
  • Monitoring the system using log files, events and tracing
  • Backing up and restoring the Certificate Authority database

Installing and Managing RSA Key Recovery Manager

  • Key Recovery Manager overview
  • Planning considerations for Key Recovery Manager
  • Installing Key Recovery Manager
  • Enabling a Jurisdiction for Key Recovery
  • Obtaining end-user single-use certificates
  • Renewing certificates
  • Obtaining a KRO certificate
  • Recovering encryption keys and certificates

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