ITIL - Managing Across the Lifecycle

( Duration: 5 Days )

By attending the ITIL – Managing Across the Lifecycle Exam Preparatory Training Course, Participants will learn to:

  • Prepare for the ITIL MALC Exam
  • Apply governance and organizational structure to the management and delivery of IT services
  • Implement effective communication and stakeholder management
  • Integrate service management processes across the service lifecycle
  • Measure, implement and improve the service management capability

ITIL – Managing Across the Lifecycle Exam Preparatory workshop is valuable for those who want to achieve the ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Certificate and the ITIL Expert Qualification.



Key Concepts of the Service Lifecycle

  • Reviewing the strategic and managerial aspects of the service lifecycle
    • Designing, deploying and operating services end-to-end
    • Sharing knowledge across the lifecycle
    • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Service value across the lifecycle stages
    • Realizing business value in service operation
    • Supporting the service lifecycle with service measurements

Governance and Organization

  • Impacting service management with governance
    • The role of IT strategy in setting direction and policy
    • Ensuring appropriate governance
  • Organizational structure, skills and competence
    • Addressing the challenges of organizational development
    • Service provider types and service strategies

Implementing and Improving Service Management Capability

  • Service management capability
    • Identifying external and internal drivers
    • A service lifecycle approach to service strategy
  • Assessing service management
    • Performing evaluations for the service provision
    • Benchmarking to identify improvements
  • Enabling effective improvement
    • Applying improvement initiatives and the Deming Cycle
    • Key considerations for improvement

Communication and Stakeholder Management

  • Coordinating with the business and suppliers
    • Business relationship management
    • Stakeholder management
  • Ensuring effective communication
    • Service models for value creation
    • Communicating during the stages of the service lifecycle

Integrating Service Management Processes Across the Lifecycle

  • The impact of service strategy on lifecycle stages
    • Strategy management for IT services
    • Business relationship management
  • Analyzing service design
    • Coordinating design
    • Service catalog management
    • Availability management
    • Capacity management
  • Organizing for service transition
    • Transition planning and support
    • Change management and evaluation
  • Planning service operation
    • Event and incident management
    • Request fulfillment
  • Implementing continual service improvement
    • Designing service solutions
    • The seven-step improvement process

Managing Services Across the Service Lifecycle

  • Capturing customer and stakeholder needs
    • Identifying needs and requirements
    • Ensuring appropriate priority
  • Managing cross-lifecycle processes
    • Connecting service design, transition and operation with the Service Design Package (SDP)
    • Involving service transition in the early stages
    • Business users and stakeholders in service rehearsals
  • Balancing potential conflicts and competing issues
    • Implementing and improving services
    • Service Level Management (SLM)
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Reviewing business trends and changed priorities
    • Challenges, critical success factors and risks


  • Types of measurements
    • Determining and using metrics
    • Metrics to validate, justify and direct
  • Designing measurement frameworks
    • Developing measurement methods and metrics
    • Monitoring and control systems

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