Function Point Estimation

( Duration: 2 Days )

The purpose of Function Point Estimation Technique training course is to provide a complete and in-depth understanding of the Function Point Analysis technique based on the IFPUG standard.

The principles of functional size measurement are introduced. The counting rules and practices of evaluating the functional size of new and enhanced software projects are discussed in detail. Several case studies relate the material to different phases of commercial software development. Guidelines are established to conduct Function Point counts, to implement Function Point programs, and to interpret Function Point results. Project management software and estimating tools are reviewed. Error margins, limitations, and alternative software measurement techniques are considered.

By attending Function Point Estimation Technique workshop, Participants will:

  • Review the fundamental concepts of requirements for Software estimation for software sizing
  • Learn the need for estimation process and to understand existing various estimation techniques and their merits for a specific projects
  • Understand the advantage of function point estimation over others
  • Document the estimation process, review and improve the estimation process over a period of time
  • Use benchmark results with this estimation technique
  • Plan and execute this function point estimation process over projects
  • Conduct reviews and verify results of the estimation process

  • An understanding of software development processes.

  • Project Manager / Project Core Team Members
  • Business / Technical Analysts
  • Development / QA Team



The Need and Challenges for Estimation

  • Introduction – Estimation
  • Need Analysis
  • The Business Impact of Estimation
  • Steps to Improve Estimation Process
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Introduction and Overview of Function Point

  • Overview of Function Point Sizing Process
  • Components of Function Point
  • Developer Productivity in SDLC – An Explanation
  • Function Point and Productivity
  • The benefits of Function Point Estimation Process
  • Application of Function Point Estimation

Introduction to Function Point Counting Process

  • Introduction and Definition
  • Types of Function Point Counts
  • High Level Steps
  • FPA Steps for Files

Function point Counting Process

  • Establishing Boundary
  • Identifying RETs, DETs, FTRs
  • External Inputs
  • External Outputs
  • External Inquiries
  • Transaction Review
  • Internal Logical File
  • External interface File
  • General System Characteristic
  • Computing Adjusted Function Point

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