Launching and Managing Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

( Duration: 2 Days )

In Launching and Managing Strategic Alliances and Partnerships training course, you will gain insight into both the operational and cultural requirements of management strategy for successful partnerships, as well as learn practical methods for ensuring top performance throughout the alliance life cycle.

By attending Launching and Managing Strategic Alliances and Partnerships workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Identify the five essential areas crucial to the success of an alliance relationship and use them to create a high-performing alliance team
  • Anticipate and prevent potential pitfalls in alliances
  • Monitor alliance relationships using the “health check” survey
  • Diagnose and treat the hidden causes of underperforming alliances
  • Adapt the alliance team charter-a proven framework for managing alliances

This Launching and Managing Strategic Alliances and Partnerships class is ideal for Vice presidents, directors, leaders across all functional areas and any other experienced managers who are involved with or responsible for strategic alliance or partnership activities.




  • Identify Which Contributors of Failure and Success Are Within delegates Control
  • Identify Organizational Inhibitors to Successful Collaboration
  • Categorize the Reasons Why Alliance Teams Underperform

The Role of the Alliance Manager

  • Define the Role of an Alliance Manager
  • Recognize the Evolving Stages of the Alliance Life Cycle
  • Adapt Your Role to the Varying Stages of the Alliance Life Cycle

Direction and Focus: Defining Success

  • Articulate the Importance of Goal Clarity for the Alliance Team
  • Define the Key Components of an Alliance Team Charter
  • Develop a Basic Alliance Team Charter
  • Apply the Alliance Team Charter to Your Organization

Creating High Performance Teams: Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations

  • Identify the Different Levels of Expectations Toward Alliances
  • Create a Clear Definition of Roles and Commitment to the Alliance
  • Access the Current State of Trust in a Relationship in Terms of Eight Critical Conditions
  • Apply the Expectation-Setting Process

Bridging Cross-Cultural Challenges

  • Recognize Why Organizational Cultures Often Clash, Hindering Successful Partnering
  • Identify the Components of the Health Check Process
  • Apply the Core Processes That Can Be Implemented to Bridge Cultural Differences

Effective Communications Processes

  • Articulate the Specific Characteristics Required for Effective Communication in Strategic Alliances
  • Develop the Guidelines for Effective Inter- and Intra-Company Alliance Communication Systems

The Opportunity for Leadership

  • Articulate the Five Categories of Alliance Performance Measurement That Create the Focus for Alliance Success
  • Explain How Operational Management Differs in Alliance Organizations from That in Traditional Companies
  • Establish a Clear Understanding of the Differences Between Alliance Management and Alliance Leadership

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