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SQL Server 2016 - Performance Tuning and Optimizing

( Duration: 4 Days )

The SQL Server 2016 - Performance Tuning and Optimizing training course, provides delegates who manage and maintain SQL Server databases with the knowledge and skills to know how to optimize and tune SQL database performance.

By attending SQL Server 2016 - Performance Tuning and Optimizing workshop delegates will learn to:

  • Describe the high level architectural overview of SQL Server and its various components
  • Describe the SQL Server execution model, waits and queues
  • Describe core I/O concepts, Storage Area Networks and performance testing
  • Describe architectural concepts and best practices related to data files for user databases and TempDB
  • Describe architectural concepts and best practices related to Concurrency, Transactions, Isolation Levels and Locking
  • Describe architectural concepts of the Optimizer and how to identify and fix query plan issues
  • Describe architectural concepts, troubleshooting scenarios and best practices related to Plan Cache
  • Describe architectural concepts, troubleshooting strategy and usage scenarios for Extended Events
  • Explain data collection strategy and techniques to analyze collected data
  • Understand techniques to identify and diagnose bottlenecks to improve overall performance

  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality
  • Working knowledge of database administration and maintenance
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL

This SQL Server 2016 - Performance Tuning and Optimizing class is intended for Database Administrators.



SQL Server Architecture, Scheduling, and Waits

  • SQL Server Components and SQL OS
  • Windows Scheduling vs SQL Scheduling
  • Waits and Queues

SQL Server I/O

  • Core Concepts
  • Storage Solutions
  • I/O Setup and Testing

Database Structures

  • Database Structure Internals
  • Data File Internals
  • TempDB Internals

SQL Server Memory

  • Windows Memory
  • SQL Server Memory
  • In-Memory OLTP

SQL Server Concurrency

  • Concurrency and Transactions
  • Locking Internals

Statistics and Index Internals

  • Statistics Internals and Cardinality Estimation
  • Index Internals
  • Columnstore Indexes

Query Execution and Query Plan Analysis

  • Query execution and optimizer internals
  • Analyzing query plans

Plan Caching and Recompilation

  • Plan cache internals
  • Troubleshooting plan cache issues
  • Query store

Extended Events

  • Extended events core concepts
  • Implementing extended events

Monitoring, Tracing, and Baselining

  • Monitoring and tracing
  • Baselining and benchmarking

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