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Spring CloudData Flow - Developer

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Spring CloudData Flow - Developer training course provides the skills needed to leverage Spring Cloud Data Flow for real-time and batch data extraction, processing, and ingestion. You will get hands-on experience with installation and administration of Spring Cloud Data Flow; usage of the Spring Cloud Data Flow shell; creating, configuring, and deploying streams and tasks; as well as the development of custom modules including sink, processor, and source stream applications by using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Stream.

By attending Spring CloudData Flow - Developer workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Spring Cloud Data Flow and the associated technologies used for processing data streams and batches
  • How to install Spring Cloud Data Flow
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow architecture
  • How to create and leverage Spring Cloud Data Flow Streams
  • How to create custom Spring Cloud Data Flow Stream applications by using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Stream
  • How to create and leverage Spring Cloud Data Flow Tasks by using Spring Cloud Task and Spring Batch
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow analytics using counters and gauges

This Spring CloudData Flow - Developer class is suitable for:
  • Developers and architects interested in using Spring Cloud Data Flow for handling their data processing use-cases.
  • Teams who want to migrate existing Spring Integration or Spring Batch projects to Spring Cloud Data Flow




  • What is Data Ingestion?
  • What is Spring Cloud Data Flow?
  • When to use Spring Cloud Data Flow


  • Spring Boot and Data Microservices
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow Components

Introduction to Streams

  • Overview
  • Stream App Starters
  • Sources, Sinks, Processors
  • Examples
  • Taps
  • Custom Sources and Sinks

Spring Cloud Stream

  • Main Concepts
  • Application Model
  • Binders, Configuration, Content Type and Transformation
  • Defining, Deploying & Managing Streams
  • Testing

Using Docker

  • Running Spring Cloud Data Flow using Docker containers

Using the Dashboard

  • Dataflow UI
  • Grafana Integration

Spring Batch

  • Main Concepts
  • Jobs, Steps and the Job Repository
  • Item Readers, Processors and Writers
  • Examples

Spring Cloud Task

  • Main Concepts
  • Creating Tasks
  • Managing Tasks
  • Triggering Tasks from Streams


  • Counters
  • Discover available metrics via RES

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