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Spring Cloud - Developer

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Spring Cloud - Developer training course provides you with an in-depth coverage of cloud-native and microservices patterns using Spring Cloud and Netflix components to help solve challenges associated with running distributed, cloud-native applications over a microservices architecture.

By attending Spring Cloud - Developer workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Examine Problems of Distributed Systems and the associated Fault Tolerance patterns
  • Examine how Distributed applications contribute to development and runtime of Cloud Native REST applications
  • Examine how Distributed applications impact software systems fault tolerance
  • Examine development impacts of implementing Spring Cloud solutions
  • Contrast the benefits and trade-offs of Spring Cloud solutions
  • Implement Spring Cloud solutions

  • Java experience
  • Spring Core experience

  • This Spring Cloud - Developer class is ideal for Developers interested in learning how to construct scalable and fault-tolerant cloud-native applications using the Spring Cloud family of projects




  • Spring Cloud Introduction
  • Distributed Applications
  • Spring Cloud Dependencies

Service Discovery and Client Load Balancing

  • Service Registry, Load Balancing Patterns
  • Eureka Service Registry
  • Eureka Server REST Operations
  • Service Discovery Clients
  • Client Load Balancing
  • Observability
  • Configurable Load Balancing Algorithm

External Configuration and Distributed Trace

  • External Configuration and Distributed Trace Patterns
  • Spring Cloud Config Server
  • Dynamically Refresh Application Configuration
  • Distributed Updates
  • Distributed Trace Collection and Visualization with Zipkin

Fault Tolerance - Health Checks

  • Fault Tolerance Patterns
  • Health Check Pattern
  • Eureka Client Health Check
  • Load Balancing Client Liveness Check

Retry, Backoff, Timeouts, Fallbacks

  • Retry, Timeout and Fallback Patterns
  • Retry with Load Balancing Client
  • Slow Requests
  • Socket Timeouts
  • Fail-fast and Retry with Spring Cloud Config Server
  • Timeouts with Hystrix

Circuit Breakers and Bulkheads

  • Circuit Breaker and Bulkhead Patterns
  • Circuit Breaker with Hystrix
  • Bulkheads with Hystrix

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