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Spring Boot 2

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Spring Boot 2 training course will provide the practical skills to create high performance and readily scalable web applications, adhering to best practices and contemporary enterprise application patterns. You will learn about fundamental structural concepts in Spring Boot and gain a good understanding of key Spring Boot APIs, including MVC, REST, Data, Messaging, and Integration. You will also create Microservices and learn how to deploy them to the cloud.

By attending Spring Boot 2 workshop, delegates will:

  • Gain an understanding of Spring and its approach to Dependency Injection
  • Understand Spring Testing
  • Understand what Spring Boot 2 is
  • Learn how to use Spring Boot 2 to create production ready application
  • Consider how to use Spring Boot to create Spring Web MVC applications
  • Explore using Spring Boot to create Spring REST services
  • Become Familiar with using Spring Boot to fast track Spring Data
  • Develop Spring JMS applications using Spring Boot
  • Review Platform Integration
  • Explore the internals of Spring Boot and how to modify its default behaviour
  • Consider Microservices with Spring boot
  • Understand the role of Spring Actuator
  • Learn about Spring Beans, Spring Configuration and the Spring Container

  • Comfortable with Java language, syntax and object-oriented application development principles.
  • This Spring Boot 2 class is ideal for Java Developers



Spring Boot Overview

  • Motivation behind Spring
  • What is Spring
  • The Spring Framework
  • Spring Boot Library
  • Motivation
  • Key Features inc Auto-configuration, Standalone, Opinionated
  • Maven configuration
  • Spring Intializr

First Spring Boot Application

  • Spring Boot CLI
  • Using Maven and Gradle
  • IDE Support
  • Spring boot auto-configuration
  • Creating a Hello World Application
  • Packaging Spring Boot applications

Spring Beans and DI

  • Spring Beans
  • Spring Container
  • Spring Context config files
  • Bean Scoping
  • Spring Annotations
  • Java Config approach
  • Lambda approach
  • Mixing XML and annotations
  • Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
  • Spring Dependency Injection
  • Wiring Beans together

Spring Web MVC

  • Introduce Spring Web MVC
  • Present flow through MVC
  • Creating a simple Web MVC application using Spring Boot Initializr
  • Defining a Controller
  • Handling view resolution
  • Building and Deploying
  • Java Config web applications
  • WebAppInitializer class
  • Spring Java Config class

Spring Boot and RESTful Services

  • Web Services
  • What is REST
  • Spring REST
  • Building a Spring REST application
  • Introduce Spring REST Clients
  • Spring REST Template

Spring Data and Spring Boot

  • Creating a Spring Data project using Spring Book Intiializr
  • Data Access objects
  • Spring DAO
  • Working with JDBC
  • Spring DAO Exception Hierarchy
  • Using Object Mappers
  • Exploiting JPA (and Hibernate)
  • Integrating NoSQL (MongoDB) databases
  • Creating Data Access Objects

Spring JMS and Spring Boot

  • Basic idea of message queues
  • point-to-point
  • publish and subscribe (pub-sub)
  • RabbitMQ message server with Spring Boot
  • JMS (Java Message Service)
  • Spring JMS Development
  • Spring POJO bean as a message consumer

Integration with the Spring ecosystem

  • Using XML and Annotation configuration
  • Using JavaConfig

Spring Boot Internals and Defaults

  • SpringApplication class
  • Custom Banner configuration
  • SpringApplication Builder
  • ApplicationRunner and CommandLineRunner configuration
  • Custom Properties Prefix
  • Creating a Spring Boot Starter project

Spring Boot and Spring Test

  • Introduce Testing with Spring
  • Highlight Test Support in Spring
  • JUnit 5.x
  • Spring and JUnit 5.x
  • Spring Boot Testing Framework

Security with Spring Boot

  • Spring Security
  • Security with Spring Boot
  • Fundamental Elements
  • Spring Security Managers
  • Spring Web Applications
  • Other Authentication providers
  • Configuring Spring for Security
  • Method Security
  • Defining Method level Security
  • Annotation Based Method Security
  • Alternative Annotations

Spring Boot Actuator

  • Spring Boot Actuator Module
  • Actuator End Points
  • Changing the Endpoint ID
  • Actuator CORS support
  • Changing the Management Endpoints Path
  • Securing Endpoints
  • Implementing Custom Actuator Endpoints
  • Spring Boot Actuator health
  • Spring Boot Actuator metrics

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