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Servlet & JSP Development with Rational Application Developer

( Duration: 5 Days )

This Mastering Servlet & JSP Development with Rational Application Developer training course teaches software developers how to build Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications based on servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSPs). The course covers the J2EE component model, and the advantages of using an application server such as IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Through lectures and hands-on exercises, this course teaches you to develop and test servlets, servlet filters, JSPs, JSP custom tags, and JavaBeans. You will learn to use IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software to develop and debug Web-based applications, and how to package and deploy applications to IBM WebSphere Application Server. In addition, you will learn the best practices for building J2EE e-business applications, including the use of the model-view-controller (MVC) framework to separate concerns among the JavaBeans, JSPs, and servlets in the application.

By attending Mastering Servlet & JSP Development with Rational Application Developer workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe the J2EE component model and its use in building server - side applications
  • Develop, debug, and test server-side applications using IBM Rational Application Developer and IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • Use JavaBeans, JSPs, and servlets in accordance with the model - view - controller (MVC) programming model
  • Develop, test, and use JSP custom tags
  • Describe deployment and runtime issues of J2EE-based applications including security, scalability, and workload management in the context of WebSphere Application Server
  • Assemble and perform integration testing of J2EE-based applications using WebSphere Application Server
  • Identify best practices for designing and building Web applications, such as application frameworks and design patterns

  • Knowledge of Core Java.

This Mastering Servlet & JSP Development with Rational Application Developer class is designed for Java developers.



J2EE Web component introduction


Servlet overview


Supporting perspectives for developing J2EE applications


Simple registration servlet

  • J2EE container services overview
  • Servlet API (Part I)

Building the library database


Parameter servlet

  • JavaServer Pages overview
  • JavaServer Pages specification and syntax
  • Page Designer in Application Developer for JSP Development
  • Web application debugging

Simple JavaServer Page

  • Servlet API (Part II)
  • Web archive deployment descriptor

Calling JavaServer Pages from a Servlet

  • Session state storage issues
  • Cookie API
  • HttpSession: Management of application data
  • URL rewriting

Session management

  • Best practices for session management
  • JavaBeans and the model-view-controller pattern

Creating a JavaBean

  • JavaServer Pages with JavaBeans

Combining servlets, JSP Pages, and JavaBeans

  • JSP Expression Language

Using JSP Expression Language

  • JSP custom tags
  • JSP tag files

JSP custom tags

  • Servlet filtering

Servlet filters

  • Servlet Listeners

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