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The JBoss SEAM - Essentials training course examines the up-and-coming SEAM application framework, a combination of Enterprise JavaBeans and JavaServer Faces used to build robust Web 2.0 applications.

The JBoss Seam - Advanced training course examines the up-and-coming Seam application framework, a combination of Enterprise JavaBeans and JavaServer Faces used to build robust Web 2.0 applications. This course utilizes the JBoss Seam: Simplicity and Power Beyond Java EE book as its basis for conversation.

By attending JBoss Seam - Advanced workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Use Conversations to manage User Tasks and Workspaces
  • Create Advanced JBoss Seam Components to support business logic
  • Apply Advanced JBoss Seam technologies, such as Bijection, to Persistence, Security, Navigation, and Validation
  • Leverage AJAX to build a better UI using RichFaces
  • Integrate web application development with JBoss Developer Studio

  • Experience with Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
  • High-level understanding of enterprise and modern web application development
  • Knowledge of JBoss Enterprise Development or equivalent experience

This JBoss Seam - Advanced class is intended for:

  • Experienced Java web developers looking to explore the capabilities of SEAM
  • Developers who already have JSF and basic JBoss Seam knowledge
  • Enterprise Systems Architects
  • Experienced Enterprise Java Developers
  • Technical Managers
  • Developers who already have JSF and basic Advanced JBoss Seam knowledge


JBoss SEAM - Essentials
(Duration : 2 Days)


What is JBoss Seam


SEAM framework, features, and functionalities


Understanding the SEAM Architecture


Key Components: Servlets, EJB3, JSF


Understanding Bijection


JBoss SEAM component model


JBoss SEAM context model

JBoss SEAM - Advanced
(Duration : 4 Days)


Introduction to Advanced JBoss Seam

  • Which framework should I use?
  • Advanced JBoss Seam's approach to unification

The Advanced JBoss Seam Life Cycle

  • Exploring how Advanced JBoss Seam participates in a request
  • The JSF life cycle sans Advanced JBoss Seam
  • Advanced JBoss Seam's page-oriented life-cycle additives
  • Combining page actions with navigation
  • The JSF life cycle with Advanced JBoss Seam

Components and Contexts

  • Advanced JBoss Seam's contextual naming container
  • Sorting out components
  • Defining components using annotations
  • A comprehensive component example
  • A component's life
  • Using EJB 3 session beans in Advanced JBoss Seam
  • Accessing components

The Advanced JBoss Seam Component Descriptor

  • Defining components using XML
  • XML namespaces in the component descriptor
  • Configuring component properties
  • Component definitions vs. component configuration
  • Configuring and enabling built-in components

Inversion of Control

  • Bijection: dependency injection evolved
  • Dynamic dependency @In-jection
  • @Out-jecting context variable
  • Bypassing bijection
  • Component events
  • Factory and manager components

The Conversation

  • Conversational state
  • The conversation context
  • Establishing conversation boundaries
  • Putting the conversation aside
  • Switching between conversations
  • Driving the conversation with a page flow

Advanced JBoss Seam-managed Persistence and Transactions

  • Getting persistence context management right
  • Enhancing the capabilities of the persistence manager
  • Setting up a persistence unit in Advanced JBoss Seam
  • Advanced JBoss Seam's transaction support

Rapid Advanced JBoss Seam Development

  • A framework within a framework
  • Stateful CRUD using the Home component
  • Smarter queries with the Query component

Ajax and JavaScript Remoting

  • Using Ajax with JSF
  • Partial form submits
  • JavaScript remoting to Advanced JBoss Seam
  • Conversational remoting calls

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