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JavaFX GUI Development

( Duration: 3 Days )

This JavaFX training course shows how to build contemporary user interfaces using Java. You will gain hands-on experience coding JavaFX GUI apps and learning the development and testing best practices.

By attending JavaFX workshop, delegates will learn:

  • How to bind data model to the UI
  • How to enrich application with graphs, animations, HTML 5 content, audio and video
  • How to style the UI using CSS
  • To know all the available tools to make life easier and give you a head start when working with JavaFX

  • Minimum 6 months' experience coding in Java.



Introduction to JavaFX

  • How JavaFX compares to Swing and SWT
  • SceneGraph versus immediate mode rendering
  • The basic components: Stages, Scenes and Nodes
  • How to use Layouts

Creating Forms

  • Overview of available Containers and Controls
  • FXML Format for declarative UIs
  • Drag & Drop Layouts using SceneBuilder
  • Data Binding and Properties

Adding Charts

  • Overview of existing Charts
  • Binding Data to the UI
  • Dynamic Charts
  • Extend Charts and add Animations

CSS based Look and Feel

  • Styling a control using CSS
  • Overriding default styles
  • Making your own controls stylable
  • Tools: Style Builder

An embeddable Browser

  • Using the Webview component
  • Embedding an HTML 5 Browser in your Swing appliaction
  • WebEngine and two-way communication between HTML and JavaFX

Media control

  • Adding AudioClips
  • Media, MediaPlayer and MediaViewer
  • Playback Controls and Equalizer
  • Effects

Shapes and Paths

  • Nodes for basic shapes
  • Paths and SVG
  • Adding effects to graphics: Shadows, Lighting, Blur...


  • Using available Transitions
  • Skaling, Translation, Fading…
  • Timelines snd Keyframes
  • Parallel and sequential Transitions
  • Interpolators
  • Custom Transitions

Using the Canvas API

  • Retained mode versus immediate mode rendering
  • Comparison to HTML5 Canvas

Swing and JavaFX

  • Embedding JavaFX into Swing applications using JFXPanel
  • Embedding Swing into JavaFX using SwingNode
  • Synchronization: Swing Event Dispatching Thread versus JavaFX Event Queue
  • Communicating between Swing and JavaFX
  • Strategies for porting Swing applications step-by-step

TDD and JavaFX

  • Test-Driven Development and Testing your applications

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