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Java Threaded Programming

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Java Threaded Programming training course focuses on creating multi-threaded Java applications, using both the core Java language thread (java.lang.Thread) features as well as the Java concurrency packages (java.util.concurrent). This course begins by examining the multi-threaded capabilities built into the Java language and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) - such as object monitor locks.

Once the core Java threading concepts foundation is laid, the course transitions into the advanced discussion around multi-threading Java capabilities found in the java.util.concurrent package. The course concludes with an exploration and examination of common issues encountered when creating a cross-platform multi-threaded application.

This Java Threaded Programming workshop is intended for Experienced Java programmers with little-to-no background in multi-threaded application development wanting to write multi-threaded stand-alone applications.



Introduction to "Thread" Concepts


Understanding the Virtual Machine Thread Scheduler


Types of Threads, Thread Lifecycles, and Priorities


Managing threads through priorities and ThreadGroups


Thread communication through wait, notify, and notifyAll


Creating mutual exclusion (mutex) with synchronized


Semphores, Barriers, Latches, and Exchangers


Thread-safe collection processing over Queues, Lists, and Maps


Managing collections of Thread with ThreadPools


"Background" thread execution through the Executor service

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