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Java Profiling & Monitoring

( Duration: 2 Days )

In Java Profiling and Monitoring training course, you will learn performance tuning methodologies, performance tuning theories, and practical tips on solving difficult performance problems for Java applications. You will hone your skills on a series of labs derived from real world performance tuning issues. You will also learn about various tools and mechanisms for monitoring, profiling and tuning Java applications.

By attending Java Profiling and Monitoring workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Apply basic performance tuning principles to a Java application
  • Monitor performance on Solaris, Linux and Windows at the OS/JVM/Application leve
  • Profile the performance of a Java Application
  • Tune the performance of a Java application at the language level
  • Describe various garbage collection schemes
  • Tune garbage collection in a Java application
  • Apply best practices for performance monitoring



Memory monitoring within the JVM


Garbage Collection (GC) monitoring and analysis


Passive long-term monitoring of production systems


Post-mortem analysis of memory problems (OOME)

  • Taking and analyzing heap dumps, Taking and analyzing thread dumps

Heap profiling using tools

  • Analyzing snapshot deltas, Root-cause detection (what gets leaked & why)

CPU profiling using tool


Thread profiling using tools

  • Detecting long-running threads, Detecting blocked threads, Synchronization and throttling techniques

Further monitoring possibilities

  • JDBC and JPA monitoring, Request oriented statistics, Production-ready performance monitoring

Java application management and monitoring extensions (JMX)

  • Developing custom MBeans for individual resource monitoring, Remote notification and notification filters, Exposing MBeans via web interfaces
  • Writing custom JMX clients

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