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Java Messaging Service (JMS)

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Java Messaging Service training course covers asynchronous messaging using the Java Message Service, or JMS. Both the point-to-point and publish-and-subscribe messaging styles are covered, but there is an emphasis on the more popular point-to-point approach using message queues.

By attending Java Messaging Service workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Use JMS queues to manage message transmission between a single producer and a single consumer
  • Use JMS for broadcasting of messages in real time
  • Use various JMS message types, including text, object, & map-based messages
  • Set message headers and use properties to define additional information about messages
  • Use message selectors to filter messages in consumption
  • Trigger redelivery of messages using various acknowledgement modes and techniques
  • Use JMS transactions to assure that message receipts and sends are grouped into atomic units of execution

  • Solid Java programming experience
  • An understanding of Java web applications will be helpful, but is not required

This Java Messaging Service class is designed for Java programmers looking to communicate with a message server in Java.



JMS Concepts

  • Introduction
  • JMS and the J2EE Platform
  • Basic JMS Concepts
  • The JMS Programming Model
  • Point-to-Point - Sender
  • Point-to-Point - Receiver
  • Configuring JMS for WebLogic
  • Publish/Subscribe

JMS Message Format

  • Message Header Fields
  • Message Properties
  • Message Selectors
  • Using Other Message Formats

JMS Reliability

  • Reliable Message Delivery
  • Message Acknowledgement
  • Message Persistence
  • Configuring a JDBC Connection Pool
  • Configuring Data Sources
  • Configuring a JMS Store in WebLogic
  • Viewing the JMS JDBC Store
  • Temporary Destinations
  • Enabling Temporary Destinations in WebLogic
  • Durable Subscriptions
  • JMS Transactions
  • Special Considerations for JMS Transactions

What is JNDI?

  • What is JNDI?
  • Benefits of JNDI
  • Naming Services
  • Directory Services
  • Using JNDI
  • Context Operations
  • JNDI Utility Class
  • JNDI Example
  • Naming Exceptions

Message-Driven Beans

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