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Eclipse MicroProfile

( Duration: 2 Days )

This Eclipse MicroProfile training course provides the knowledge, skills, and ability to utilize MicroProfile to implement portable microservices across vendor solutions. The course provides an overview of microservices, microservice architecture, and how MicroProfile improves the reliability, scalability, availability, and performance of those microservices. You will learn to build a simple microservice based on MicroProfile, using JAX RS, JSON-P, and CDI.

By attending Eclipse MicroProfile workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Explain why and when to use Eclipse MicroProfile to develop microservices.
  • Apply best practices for building reliable, scalable, highly available and performant microservices using MicroProfile.
  • Recognize the essential Eclipse MicroProfile components and architecture including JAX RS 2.0, JSON-P 1.0 and CDI 1.2.
  • Implement a simple microservice using MicroProfile including unit and integration tests and security using JSON Web Token (JWT) specification.

The Eclipse MicroProfile class is ideal for:

  • Software developers who have experience with Java, Eclipse and Maven and willing to learn about building microservices using Eclipse MicroProfile.



Introduction to Eclipse MicroProfile

  • Value proposition of implementing cloud native and portable microservices
  • Enterprise Java microservices and “lift and shift”
  • Application of Eclipse MicroProfile to microservices
  • Understanding Eclipse MicroProfile components and architecture
  • Deployment of MicroProfile microservice applications

Overview of Microservices Architecture

  • From SOA to microservices
  • Building applications optimized for DevOps

Eclipse MicroProfile Configuration and Fault Tolerance

  • Understanding MicroProfile Config
    • Reading configuration from from MicroProfile Config API
    • Providing sources of configuration
    • Using converted for high-level configuration
  • Understanding MicroProfile Fault Tolerance
    • MicroProfile Fault Tolerance via policies
    • Tolerance with MicroProfile config

Eclipse MicroProfile Health and JSON Web Token (JWT) Propagation

  • Understanding health checks and how MicroProfile handles them
  • Using JWT authentication, authorization and verification

Eclipse MicroProfile Metrics and OpenTracing

  • Define and expose Java VM and application data with MicroProfile Metrics
  • Implementing tracing calls across a series of microservices

Eclipse MicroProfile OpenAPI and jaT Client

  • Introduction to MicroProfile OpenAPI and its capabilities
    • Understanding data models
    • Generating the OpenAPI document
  • Introduction to MicroProfile REST Client and its capabilities
    • Invoking RESTful services over HTTP

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