WebSphere for z/OS - Implementation

( Duration: 5 Days )

In WebSphere for z/OS - Implementation training course, learn how to install and customize WebSphere for z/OS, and how to deploy EJB applications and web applications. Reinforce the concepts you learn in lectures with extensive hands-on laboratory exercises.

By attending WebSphere for z/OS - Implementation workshop, attendees will learn to:

  • Understand the basics of object-oriented applications, EJBs and the J2EE standard runtime environment
  • Prepare the base z/OS environment, including all system prerequisites
  • Plan for and configure the WAS runtime environment using the supplied WebSphere Customization Tools (WCT) workstation application
  • Design and implement a complete server security scheme for WAS on your z/OS system
  • Customize your WAS runtime on z/OS
  • Set up and run the Installation Verification Test (IVT)
  • Deploy an EJB application and a web application into your new WAS runtime using the systems management administrative functions
  • Configure and manage network deployment, including a deployment manager and node agents
  • Configure web-based topologies for WAS using the IBM HTTP server on z/OS together with the WebSphere plug-in
  • Install and configure an the Apache-based web server on z/OS to host the WebSphere for z/OS plug-in
  • Configure and use a web server node in WebSphere to assist managing the web server plug-in file
  • Create a cluster by cloning your first application server
  • See how the plug-in can perform load balancing and achieve high availability
  • Create a proxy server, and drive your applications through this proxy server
  • Define a JDBC driver and data source and deploy a sample application to connect to a DB2 for z/OS subsystem through the UDB universal driver type 4
  • Describe the main components and infrastructure of the WebSphere for z/OS Java messaging run time environment
  • Plan for the monitoring of performance in your new WAS runtime
  • Plan for the modification of the installation security configuration necessary to support J2EE application security
  • Set up and configure a Liberty profile server, then deploy an application

  • Experience with the installation and customization of z/OS and its subsystems, including WLM, TCP/IP, UNIX Services, and the Security Server (Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)), or equivalent product.
  • This course is for experienced z/OS system programmers responsible for the installation and customization of WAS, along with Information Technology (IT) professionals responsible for the deployment of EJB and web applications into WAS on z/OS.


Day 1

  • Introduction to WebSphere for z/OS
  • Installing the WebSphere stand-alone server (Part 1)

Day 2

  • Installing the WebSphere stand-alone server (Part 2)

Day 3

  • Deploying applications with WebSphere administration tool
  • The WebSphere web container

Day 4

  • Network deployment
  • Assembling and deploying a J2EE application
  • WebSphere security (Part 1)

Day 5

  • WebSphere security (Part 2)
  • Accessing data: Connectors and Java messaging on WebSphere
  • Liberty Profile, zAAPs, WLM and performance

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