IBM Watson Application Development

( Duration: 3 Days )

This IBM Watson Application Development training course provides a basic understanding of AI technologies, practical knowledge of the core Watson APIs, and how your application can use these services.

By attending IBM Watson Application Development workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Use cases of AI services
  • Fundamentals of IBM Watson services
  • Development of cognitive applications using IBM Watson services
  • Administration of applications using IBM Watson services

  • Working knowledge of developing an application using IBM Watson services
  • Working knowledge of core Cloud services (monitoring, logging, scaling), and security
  • Working knowledge with designing, developing and deploying RESTful APIs
  • Working knowledge of use cases using IBM Watson services
  • Working knowledge of AI concepts such as intent, relationships, entities, and ground truth
  • Working knowledge of open technologies like CloudFoundry and Git like repositories
  • Basic knowledge of application development using common web technologies such as Node.js, Javascript, HTML, and css
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning methods and technologies
  • Technical professional who understands concepts essential to the development of applications using IBM Watson services. You should have experience using the IBM Cloud and are able to consume IBM Watson services in an application.



Bluemix/IBM Cloud and Fundamentals of Cognitive Computing

  • Define the main characteristics of an AIsystem
  • Explain neural nets
  • Explain machine learning technologies (supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning approaches)
  • Define a common set of use cases for cognitive systems
  • Define Precision, Recall, and Accuracy
  • Explain the importance of separating training, validation and test data
  • Measure accuracy of service
  • Perform Domain Adaption using Watson Knowledge Studio (WKS)
  • Define Intents and Classes
  • Explain the difference between ground truth and corpus
  • Define the difference between the user question and the user intent

Use Cases of AI Services

  • Select an appropriate combination of AI technologies based on use-case and data format
  • Explain the uses of the Watson services in the Application Starter Kits
  • Describe the Watson Assistant Agent
  • Explain use cases for integrating external systems (such as Twitter, Weather API)

Fundamentals of IBM Watson Developer Cloud

  • Distinguish Watson AI services on WDC for which training is required or not required
  • Provide examples of text classification using the NLC
  • Explain the Watson SDKs available as part of the services on Watson Developer Cloud
  • Explain the Watson REST APIs available as part of the services on Watson Developer Cloud
  • Explain and configure Text to Speech
  • Explain and configure Speech to Text
  • Explain and configure Tone Analyzer
  • Explain and configure Assistant
  • Explain and configure Discovery
  • Explain and configure Visual recognition
  • Explain and configure Language Translator
  • Explain and configure Natural Language Classifier
  • Explain and configure Natural Language Understanding
  • Explain and configure Personality Insights

Developing Cognitive Applications using Watson Developer Cloud Services

  • Call a Watson API to analyze content
  • Describe the tasks required to implement the Assistant Agent/Digital Bot
  • Transform service outputs for consumption by other services
  • Define common design patterns for composing multiple Watson services together (across APIs)
  • Design and execute use case driven service choreography (within an API)
  • Deploy a web application to IBM Cloud

Administration and DevOps for applications using IBM Watson services

  • Describe the process of obtaining credentials for Watson services
  • Monitor resource utilization of applications using IBM Watson services
  • Monitoring application performance on the IBM Cloud

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