IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services

( Duration: 2 Days )

The IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services training course is designed to teach Collaboration and Deployment users object and asset management, security, shared resource usage, automation, and interaction with IBM SPSS Modeler Gold. Attendees focus on the makeup of the content repository and its objects. They will learn how to manage repository objects, the logical hierarchy structure, and how to import, export, and promote objects for use in multi-repository environments. Attendees will become familiar with the components of jobs and the mechanisms to set up, order, and relate job steps. Scheduling, parameters, job monitoring, job history, and event notification are discussed. Finally, the role of Collaboration and Deployment Services in Modeler Gold is discussed, addressing Real Time Scoring, Analytic Data View, and Model Management.

This IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services workshop is ideal for:
  • Modelers
  • Analysts



Overview of Collaboration and Deployment Services

  • Identify the purpose and capabilities of IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services
  • List and describe the various tools within C&DS
  • List and describe tools that work in conjunction with C&DS

Content, assets and permissions

  • Describe repository content management structure
  • Describe the file organization structure within C&DS Deployment Manager
  • Create and apply user specific access permissions for assets
  • Upload and retrieve repository files using Deployment Manager

Work with assets

  • Describe object properties
  • Describe how C&DS applies versioning to objects and assets
  • Create and use version labels
  • Explore custom properties for assets
  • Search for repository content
  • Describe object locking

Track asset changes

  • Identify subscriptions and notifications
  • Create folder and asset level subscriptions
  • Create a notification

Access files from other applications

  • Connect the Modeler client to the C&DS repository
  • Search for, and retrieve assets from the repository
  • Store a Modeler Stream into the repository with the correct property settings
  • Perform storage and retrieval operations from within IBM SPSS Modeler

Advanced content operations

  • Describe the purpose of multiple repositories
  • Export content from a repository
  • Import content into a repository
  • Understand object promotion


  • Identify a job its uses
  • Describe the job-building tool
  • Create a single-step job
  • Create a multi-step job

Notifications and parameters

  • Define the three different notifications connected to jobs
  • Build notifications within jobs
  • Define run time parameters and describe possible uses
  • Add parameters to a job or a job step definition

Schedule jobs

  • Identify and describe the three schedule types
  • Build simple and recurring time-based schedules
  • Create message-based job schedules
  • Monitor job schedule definitions

Examine Job History

  • View job history in Deployment Manager
  • Manipulate the Job History View
  • View job history in Deployment Portal
  • Use the Job History tool to monitor job execution success and failure

Analytic Data View and Real Time Scoring

  • Create an Analytic Data View
  • Identify how to create a scoring configuration
  • Configure and test Real Time Scoring

Model Management

  • Explore Model Management
  • Understand Model Evaluation and Model Refresh
  • Create and run a Champion Challenger job

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