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IMS Database Performance and Tuning

( Duration: 5 Days )

In IMS Database Performance and Tuning training course, you will learn to tune Information Management System (IMS) databases for use in IMS/Batch, IMS/Data Communications (DC), CICS-Local-Data Language One (DL/I), and Data Base Control (DBCTL) environments. You will explore the IMS database features that affect performance such as data set considerations and buffers for VSAM and OSAM.

By attending IMS Database Performance and Tuning workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Analyze performance data about the IMS database environment
  • Choose IMS access methods that provide the best database performance
  • Improve performance by selecting database buffer pools and buffer pool options and with the correct data set access method and storage attributes
  • Implement the optimum performance options for VSAM data sets at define and execute time
  • Evaluate the need for secondary indexes and select implementation options to improve their performance
  • Choose physical database implementation options to improve performance
  • Select HDAM randomizing parameters that can improve the key randomization process

  • 6 months working experience with the IMS database system.

This IMS Database Performance and Tuning class is suitable for individuals interested in the performance of the IMS Database System.



Introduction to IMS database tuning


Introduction to the lab project


Review of the IMS access methods


Measuring IMS database performance


Tuning VSAM buffers


Tuning VSAM data sets


Additional performance issues


Tuning secondary indexes


Tuning HDAM


Tuning OSAM data sets and buffers


Other tuning considerations


Database tuning summary

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