IBM Cognos A-Apps - Introduction to Adaptive Warehouse

( Duration: 2 Days )

The IBM Cognos A-Apps - Introduction to Adaptive Warehouse training course is designed to teach developers how to implement, modify, extend, and troubleshoot an Adaptive Warehouse application. Delegates will learn to model a data warehouse that can be used in IBM Cognos Adaptive Analytics to build robust analytic reports. They will learn about the components and architecture of Adaptive Warehouse and how to use warehouse objects such as facts, dimensions, calendars, and currency conversion objects. Delegates will practice using references, calendars, transformations, ERP sources, role playing dimensions, and join paths. They will gain an understanding of Load Management, change data capture, and historical dimensionality, and investigate how to use different data sources for their models.

This course is for new and existing IBM Cognos Analytic Applications Modelers.



The Adaptive Application Framework Solution

  • Key Aspects
  • Advantages of Using Adaptive Application Framework
  • Analytic Applications Components
  • Adaptive Application Framework and Cognos Architectures

Introduction to Adaptive Warehouse

  • Examine the User Interface
  • Adaptive Warehouse Views
  • Target View
  • Source View
  • Determine the Displayed View
  • Metadata Management
  • Synchronize the Target Model
  • Introduction to Calendars
  • Introduction to Import Capabilities
  • Warehouse Object Items
  • Define a Calendar
  • Describe a Fact
  • Create a Star Schema
  • References
  • Data Sources
  • Map Items
  • Load Management Overview

Design Logical Models

  • Build from Scratch vs. Import Content
  • Adaptive Warehouse Adaptability
  • References: Cardinality and Scope
  • Degenerate Dimensions
  • Intermediate Items
  • Target Model Overview
  • Namespace for Each Warehouse Object
  • Synchronize the Target Model
  • Join Paths
  • Role Playing Dimensions
  • Calendars

Extend the Target Model

  • Hierarchies
  • Custom Hierarchies
  • Namespace for each Warehouse Object
  • Query Subject vs. Dimension
  • Target Model Filters
  • Focused View of Target Model
  • Best Practices
  • Target Model Features
  • Calculations
  • Multipliers
  • Prompts
  • Custom Reporting Using the Target Model
  • Examine Special Prompts

Examine the Summary Analysis Analytic Type

  • Data Sources
  • Use ERP as a Source
  • Manage Instances Within an ERP Source
  • Custom ERP Dictionary
  • Data Flows
  • Input Sources Overview
  • Import ERP
  • Metadata Wizard
  • Source Model
  • Multiple Tables per Input Source
  • Manually Add Relationships
  • Business Key Merge (2 slides)
  • Multiple Input Sources
  • Business Key Merge for Multiple Input Sources
  • Design decisions, advantages and Combine Step
  • Using Multiple ERPs
  • Data Source Merge
  • Multiple Input Source Mapping

Warehouse Item Mappings: Advanced

  • Input Source Calculations
  • Persisted Expressions
  • Transformations
  • Row to Column Pivot
  • Column to Row Pivot
  • Output Filter
  • Parent Child Hierarchy
  • Implied Hierarchy
  • Lookups
  • Multiple Dataflows

Explore Load Management

  • Load Management Features
  • Load Management Behind the Scenes
  • Incremental Loads
  • Change Data Capture
  • Load Partitions
  • Processing Order
  • Serialized Fact Table Updates

Explore History

  • History Data Overview
  • Dimension History Types
  • History Type Dimensions
  • Historical Data Over Time
  • Load Backdated Data
  • History: Set up
  • History: Target Model
  • History Database Layer
  • Introduction to Dimension Perspective
  • Dimension Perspective: Queries


  • Currency Conversion
  • Multi-Language Support

Life-Cycle Management

  • Model Change Types
  • Load Script Dependencies
  • DDL Scripts
  • Manage Changes

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