IBM Clarity

The IBM Clarity Training course, provides Administrators, Project Implementers, and Template and Report Developers with knowledge on how to build and maintain data entry templates and reports for financial budgeting, reporting, and data analysis purposes.

The IBM Clarity - Visualizer training course provides delegates with knowledge on how to build graphical and interactive dashboards, create ad-hoc reports and interactive process flow diagrams, and deliver multiple levels of viewing and analysis in a single report using single or multiple OLAP data sources.

The IBM Clarity - Templates and Report Building training course provides Administrators, Project Implementers, and Template and Report Developers with knowledge on how to build advanced OLAP and Relational template and report building techniques including advanced page options, custom events, and best practices.

The IBM Clarity - Cube Manager training course provides Administrators and Back-end Developers with knowledge on how to automate the building and maintaining of relational tables used to define an MSAS OLAP Database.

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Excel formulas
  • Experience with financial/accounting principals
  • Familiarity with XML and VB Script language (recommended)

This Course is for Administrators, Project Implementers, and Template and Report Developers, Back-end Developers


IBM Clarity
(Duration : 5 Days)


Introduction to OLAP

  • Understanding OLAP and OLAP Database Concepts

Introduction to IBM® Clarity

  • Using Templates and Reports
  • Using Toolbox Commands for Data Entry and Reporting
  • Using Relational Input Templates
  • Understanding the Template and Report Building Process

Building IBM® Clarity OLAP Templates and Reports

  • Using the Template and Report Builder Application
  • Creating OLAP Templates and Report
  • Integrating Additional Features to Templates and Reports

Building IBM® Clarity Relational Templates and Reports

  • Understanding Relational Database Concepts
  • Creating Relational Templates and Reports
  • Creating Hybrid Relational and OLAP Templates

Using IBM® Clarity Security Services

  • Managing Users, Roles and Menu Items
  • Creating and Managing Hierarchy Security
  • Managing Clarity Administration Features
IBM Clarity - Visualizer
(Duration : 1 Day)


Overview of Visualizer


Overview of OLAP


Viewing Visualizer Reports


Creating Reports in Visualizer Builder

  • Objects: grids, charts, gauges
  • Controls: drop-down menus, tree-view menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons
  • Labels and Data Labels
  • Boxes, lines, images, web links

Creating an Ad-Hoc Report


Formatting Rules and Traffic Lighting

  • Setting formatting rules
  • Setting traffic lighting

Managing Data Sets

  • Adding, Deleting, Editing Data Sets

Using Format Definitions

  • Objects, Color Pattern and Sequences

Outputting from a Visualizer Report


Hierarchy Security in Visualizer


Menu Administration

IBM Clarity - Templates and Report Building
(Duration : 3 Days)



  • XML Overview
  • Schema
  • Queries, Views, Page Options, Grid, and Data Maps

Advanced Features

  • MDX
  • Tuples
  • Advanced Editing
  • Derived Queries


  • Relational Pop-up Features

Custom Code

  • Server and Browser Jobs
  • Custom Toolbox Items

Best Practices

IBM Clarity - Cube Manager
(Duration : 1 Day)


Introduction to Clarity Cube Manager

  • Viewing Dimensions in Cube Manager
  • Creating a New Standard Dimension
  • Creating a New Parent-Child Dimension using Import Feature
  • Adding Members to a Dimension
  • Importing a Flat List of Dimension Members

Additional Cube Manager Tools

  • Generating an Audit Report
  • Creating a Custom Action

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