GDPS Metro Implementation

( Duration: 5 Days )

This GDPS Metro Implementation training course is intended for IBM technical professionals (IT specialists, IT architects, technical sales specialist, etc) who will be involved in implementing or architecting a GDPS Metro (previously named GDPS/PPRC) solution. Project managers who will manage a GDPS Metro implementation project will also benefit. The workshop is also intended for technical customer staff (systems programmers, storage specialists, automation specialists, operations/production control specialists, etc) who are new to GDPS and are looking to develop GDPS skills because their job directly or indirectly involves GDPS.

By attending GDPS Metro Implementation workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Implement GDPS, including the definition of policies
  • Implement GDPS standard actions
  • Define DASD configuration (GDPS Metro Single Leg)
  • Understand Controlling System requirements (GDPS)
  • Understand Systems management in a multi-site environment (GDPS)
  • Design maintenance procedures for the GDPS environment
  • Design test processes to ensure recovery ability
  • Use z/OS, Remote Copy, and GDPS commands to control and maintain the GDPS environment
  • Assist with the development of a GDPS implementation plan
  • Introduction to GDPS Metro Dual Leg
  • Enhancing resilience

Attendees should have a good working knowledge in one of the following areas:
  • Storage and/or remote copy administration/management
  • z/OS and Sysplex management
  • Automation

Service Perform Specialist or qualified Customer with working experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Parallel Sysplex implementation
  • System Automation for z/OS implementation and customization
  • Remote Copy (PPRC - Metro) implementation
It is expected that a single person would not have all of these skills. Since all of these skills are needed to perform the GDPS service, the GDPS engagement typically performed by a team. The team is expected to consist of a Systems, a Storage and an Automation specialist along with a project manager.



GDPS Metro Overview


Metro Overview with Metro TSO operations lab


GDPS GEOPARM Configuration with GEOPARM and DASD operations lab


GDPS Customisation with lab


Freeze Data Consistency checking lab


Standard Actions with Site Table customisation and Standard Actions lab


Sysplex Resource Management with lab


GDPS planned and takeover action scripts


GDPS planned action lab


GDPS takeover action lab


GDPS FlashCopy with lab




Planned HyperSwap Lab


Unplanned HyperSwap

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