Debugging and Maintaining COBOL Programs

( Duration: 10 Days )

The Debugging and Maintaining COBOL Programs training course is designed to provide with the skills to test and debug COBOL programs. Attendees will test, analyze and debug COBOL programs running under TSO.

By attending Debugging and Maintaining COBOL Programs workshop, attendees will learn to:

  • Discuss why COBOL programs fail and abends that occur with COBOL programs
  • Recognize how numbers can become corrupted
  • Implement testing strategies
  • Review a dump to identify the failing instruction and the data that caused the failure.

  • Experience coding COBOL programs, as well as TSO and JCL

The Debugging and Maintaining COBOL Programs class is ideal for:

  • Developers



Testing and Debugging COBOL Programs

  • Numbering Systems
    • Decimal
    • Binary
    • Hexadecimal
  • Decimal, Binary, and Hexadecimal Table
  • Testing Strategies
    • Unit Testing
    • System (Integration) Testing
    • Regression Testing
  • Standard Compiler Listing
  • Expanded Compiler Listing
  • Usefulness of listings w/Abends
  • A 7 Step Abend Solving Methodology
  • System Abends
  • Common System Abend Codes
    • S001
    • S013
    • S0Cn
    • S213
    • S913
    • SB37
    • SC37
    • SD37
    • SE37
    • S806
  • Common User Abend Codes
    • U1020
    • U1035
    • U1037
    • U1018
    • U4038
  • Deliberately Abending a Program with ILBOABN0
  • Analyze a dump generated because of a S0C7 abend
  • JES Job Log Notes

Debugging Derby

  • Attendees will work in teams or individually to identify and fix few COBOL programs with bugs in them

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