IBM Rational ClearCase Administration

( Duration: 2 Days )

The IBM Rational ClearCase Administration training course is designed to prepare administrators to install, configure and maintain a ClearCase environment.

By attending IBM Rational ClearCase Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Understand the ClearCase Architecture
  • Understand the installation process of ClearCase
  • Manage the ClearCase registry
  • Utilize the ClearCase Administration console
  • Move and backup ClearCase databases
  • Utilize ClearCase maintenance and troubleshooting commands

  • Knowledge of ClearCase at user level
  • ClearCase Administrators



ClearCase Review and Environment

  • ClearCase terminology and concepts
  • ClearCase roles
  • Typical ClearCase configurations
  • ClearCase registry
  • Admin tools

The ClearCase Registry

  • ClearCase namespaces and regions
  • Managing regions
  • Registry servers
  • Configuring the registry
  • Trouble shooting the registry
  • Backing up and restoring the registry

VOB Basics

  • VOB database overview
  • VOB Schema and feature levels
  • VOB options and parameters
  • VOB relationships
  • Creating VOBs
  • Maintaining VOBs
  • Removing VOBs

Permissions and Access

  • Ownership basics
  • User and group access
  • Permission hierarchy
  • Managing VOB permissions
  • Managing View permissions
  • Managing Element permissions
  • Miscellaneous permissions and security tools
  • Leveraging Triggers

VOB Administration

  • Managing VOB registry elements
  • Managing VOB regions
  • Populating VOBs
  • Managing VOB elements
  • Managing VOB linkages
  • Relocating VOBs

View Administration

  • View database architecture overview
  • Creating views
  • Managing views
  • Moving views
  • Removing views
  • Recovering views
  • Remote view administration challenges

Task Administration

  • Jobs and Tasks defined
  • The ClearCase job scheduler
  • Managing tasks and jobs
  • Using the scheduler

License Administration

  • Licensing overview
  • License server considerations
  • License setup and administration
  • Failover license options
  • License usage and maintenance

Backup and Restore

  • Backup planning
  • Registry and license backups
  • VOB backup considerations
  • VOB backup scenarios
  • Restoring VOBs
  • Repairing VOBs
  • View backup considerations

VOB and View Storage Administration

  • Storage pool architecture
  • Manage storage pools
  • Pool scrubbing
  • Removing pools

ClearCase Installation Considerations

  • Installation options
  • Domain, registry, and region options
  • VOB and view options
  • Client options
  • Interop options
  • The installation process

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