Vertica Essentials

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Vertica Essentials training course explores the capabilities of the HPE Vertica platform solution, and prepares delegates to manage the operational success of deployment.

By attending Vertica Essentials workshop, Delegates will learn to:

  • Describe HPE Vertica’s database and data storage structures
  • Load and remove data from an HPE Vertica database
  • Optimize the database to improve query performance
  • Create and manage database users and resources
  • Backup and restore an HPE Vertica database
  • Find additional information and resources for working with HPE Vertica

  • Intermediate knowledge of RDBMS concepts (understanding databases and schemas, database normalization, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of SQL (familiarity with basic SQL syntax, ability to troubleshoot syntax errors, etc.)
  • Basic experience with the Linux operating system (how to change directories and list the contents, how to view and edit files, etc.)

  • Database Administrators
  • Database Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • Application Developers



HPE Vertica Overview

  • Understand the building blocks of the HPE Vertica platform

Introduction to Projections

  • Read a projection DDL to determine its structure
  • Identify replicated and segmented projections
  • Use the database K-safety value to identify independent nodes

Loading Data

  • Review the structure of tables and projections
  • Load data using HPE Vertica’s hybrid storage model
  • Manually run the moveout and mergeout tasks

Query Execution

  • Generate a query plan
  • Time a query
  • Profile a query
  • Identify the database epochs
  • Find data loaded at different epochs

Optimizing the Database

  • Create a comprehensive database design using Management Console
  • Review the Database Designer output files
  • Deploy the comprehensive database design

Partitioning Data

  • Create partitioned tables
  • Load data into partitions
  • Move partitioned data into archived tables

Deleting Data

  • Remove data by dropping and truncating tables
  • Bulk delete data from tables
  • Purge delete vectors
  • Remove data by dropping partitions

Database User Management

  • Create new database users
  • Create new database user roles
  • Assign a role to a user
  • Create a role hierarchy

Resource Management

  • Review the default resource pools
  • Create a new resource pool
  • Test the user access to the new resource pool

Database Backup and Recovery

  • Create a backup configuration file
  • Back up the database
  • Review the database backups
  • Restore the database

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