Vertica Database Administration

( Duration: 4 Days )

The Vertica Database Administration training course provides database and system administrators information about, and practice in, maintaining an HPE Vertica cluster. In this course, delegates will learn to perform day-to-day database management tasks using an existing HPE Vertica cluster and HPE Vertica’s standard tools and interfaces.

By attending Vertica Database Administration workshop, Delegates will learn to:

  • Manage an HPE Vertica cluster
  • Perform day-to-day HPE Vertica database management tasks
  • Create and maintain database users
  • Collect and manage database performance metrics

  • HPE Vertica Essentials training course or equivalent experience
  • A working knowledge of SQL (e.g., understanding how to structure and interpret SELECT and CREATE statements)
  • Familiarity with database design concepts (e.g., understanding of database structures (schemas, tables, projections, constraints, etc.)
  • At least one year experience working in a Linux environment

  • Database administrators
  • System administrators



The Training Environment

  • Log in to the training environment
  • Review the training environment configuration
  • Log in to the Management Console
  • Start a database

Managing HPE Vertica Clusters

  • Import an existing cluster to the Management Console
  • View the database state in system tables
  • Shut down and restart a node in the Management Console
  • Review the cluster history in the Message Center

Loading Data

  • Load data into the database from a file
  • Identify and correct data parsing errors
  • Correct a projection for data skew

Monitoring Data

  • Monitor the ROS container count
  • Manually run the Tuple Mover tasks
  • Update the database statistics

Optimize the Database Design

  • Create a comprehensive database design using admintools
  • Review the Database Designer output files
  • Deploy the comprehensive database design
  • Create and deploy an incremental database design using Management Console
  • Review the database design logging tables

Epoch Management

  • Find and identify epochs using the SYSTEM table and database functions
  • Find the epoch in which data has been loaded
  • Use historical queries to find data loaded at different epochs

Database User Management

  • Create a new user password profile
  • Create new database users
  • Create new database user roles
  • Assign a role to a user
  • Create a role hierarchy

Table Access Privileges

  • Assign inheritable privileges to a database schema
  • Limit access to database columns by role
  • Restrict non-administrative access to system tables

Resource Management

  • Review the default resource pool
  • Create a new resource pool
  • Test the user access to the new resource pool
  • Analyze and correct a user resource issue

Database Backup and Recovery

  • Determine the required backup disk storage space
  • Back up the database
  • Review the database backups
  • Restore the database

Maintaining a Database and Cluster

  • Identify the HPE Vertica database version
  • Estimate the database size
  • Audit and update an HPE Vertica license
  • Add a host to a cluster
  • Add a node to a cluster

The Database Directory

  • Describe the contents of the database directory
  • View the vertica.log file in Management Console
  • Rotate the vertica.log file

System Maintenance

  • Determine the amount of system data saved in the Data Collector
  • Run the Workload Analyzer to find system tuning recommendations
  • Run the HPE Vertica performance tools to collect information for the Support organization
  • Run the HPE process scrutinize to collect information for the Support organization

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