Managing Software with Ignite-UX

( Duration: 4 Days )

In Managing Software with Ignite-UX training course, Participants will learn to configure and use Ignite-UX to quickly and easily upgrade, re-deploy, or install HP-UX on multiple systems.

By attending Managing Software with Ignite-UX workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Use Ignite-UX for quick and easy initial installation of one or multiple systems
  • Customize configurations to meet your company's specific business needs
  • Key steps to configuring your system files for efficient operation
  • Create a golden image
  • Develop post-installation scripts
  • Perform system recovery
  • Load and deploy software patches
  • Add logic control to configuration files
  • Use HP Ignite-UX most effectively to keep your software up to date, maintain version consistency, and reduce downtime and system problems

  • Experience with HP-UX System and Network Administration

HP-UX system administrators and deployment architects responsible for managing multiple systems




  • Basic Use Models for Ignite-UX
  • Minimum Ignite-UX Requirements
  • Graphical user Interface (GUI)
  • Ignite-UX Client Configuration
  • Ignite-UX Configuration Files
  • Ignite-UX INDEX Cile

Installing and Configuring an Ignite-UX Server

  • Ignite-UX Software
  • Booting IP Addresses
  • Making Core Depot Software Available
  • Making Archive Software Available
  • Server Configuration Options
  • Session Options
  • Booting the Target

Behind the Scenes with Ignite-UX

  • Network Source Installation
  • Ignite and Client Communication
  • Push Install
    • bootsys
  • Using bootsys

Configuration File Basics

  • INDEX File Structure
  • Disk Layout Configuration File
  • Configuration File for a Software Depot
  • Configuration File for an Archive
  • /var/opt/ignite/config.local
  • Client-Specific Configuration File
  • save_config
  • Creating a Custom Configuration with the User Interface

Creating a Golden Image

  • Making a Golden System
  • Creating the Golden Image
  • make_sys_image flow
  • Creating the Configuration File for a Golden System
  • Customizing the Post-Load Script
  • Creating an INDEX Clause
  • Recommended Strategy

Loading Additional Software with Ignite-UX

  • Adding Additional Software from a Depot
  • Adding Software from a Non-Core Archive
  • Kernel Modifications as a Software Selection
  • Automatically Loading Software
  • Controlling the Software Load Order
  • File Recap

Adding Logic to Your Configuration Files

  • Decisions Based on the Target Machine
  • Decisions Based on the Software Selections
  • Kernel Modifications as a Software Selection
  • Controlling the Software Load Order

Ignite-UX Execution Hooks

  • Hooks Placement
  • Scripts Defined in the INDEX File
  • Hints on Creating Scripts

Loading Patches with Ignite-UX

  • Loading Patches from a Core Depot
  • Loading Patches from a Patch Depot
  • Installing Downloaded Patches
  • Loading Patches as a post_config_cmd

System Recovery with Ignite-UX

  • System Recovery Choices
  • make_tape_recovery tool
  • Creating the Archive from the IUX Server
  • Creating a Tape for Interactive Restore
  • System Recovery Options
  • Booting the Recovery Tape

Creating Custom Install Media

  • Installing Media
  • Creating an Install DVD
  • Assembling the Custom DVD
  • Contents of an Install Tape
  • LIF Header
  • Install Archives
  • Assembling the Tape

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