HPE Synergy - Solution Overview

( Duration: 1 Day )

This HPE Synergy Solution Overview training course provides an introduction to the HPE Synergy solution and provides the information necessary to prepare the learner to take more advanced training for HPE Synergy. Course topics include a tour of the HPE Synergy system and its components, installation and configuration information, coverage of the management interfaces and firmware updates, and troubleshooting information.

By attending HPE Synergy Solution Overview workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Explain why the HPE Composable Infrastructure architecture is needed to support the enterprise of today and the future
  • Explain what the HPE Synergy solution is and how it supports the HPE Composable Infrastructure architecture
  • Identify and describe the components of the HPE Synergy solution
  • List and explain the technologies used in the HPE Synergy release
  • List the types of available options for the HPE Synergy solution
  • Explain how to install, set up, and configure the hardware and software in an HPE Synergy solution
  • Describe how to verify and troubleshoot an HPE Synergy solution installation
  • Describe the features of the management software used with an HPE Synergy solution
  • Update firmware and drivers in an HPE Synergy solution
  • Explain how to provision an operating system in an HPE Synergy system
  • Troubleshoot issues with an HPE Synergy solution

  • Experience with HPE ProLiant servers
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 operating system knowledge
  • Linux operating system (RHEL and SLES) knowledge

The HPE Synergy Solution Overview class is ideal for:

  • System administrators
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Anyone who would like to learn more about the HPE Synergy solution and its hardware components



What is HPE Synergy?


Product Overview

  • Synergy 12000 Frame
    • Overview of Synergy 12000 Frame
      • Interactive frame diagram
    • Frame front
    • Frame rear
    • Midplane overview
    • Midplane walkaround
    • Power distribution
    • Power modes
    • Power supply
    • Fans
    • Bay numbering
    • Mezzanine port
  • Compute modules
    • Common components
    • ILO Service port
    • HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 compared with Gen9
    • HPE Synergy 660 Gen10 compared with Gen9
    • HPE Synergy Gen10 backplane
    • Learning check
  • Interconnect module
    • Interconnect Module
    • Composable fabric
      • FC fabric, SAS, pass-through modules
    • Composable and switched FC fabric innovations
  • Master module
    • Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8
    • Interconnect Link Modules cable options
    • Master module options
    • Synergy 40Gb F8 Switch
    • VC SE 40Gb F8 vs Synergy 40Gb F8 Switch
    • Master ICM native FC uplink support
    • VC SE 100Gb F32 vs HPE VC SE 40Gb F8 Switch
    • Virtual Connect SE 100Gb F32 Module
    • VC SE 100Gb F32 Module for Synergy advanced features
    • VC SE 100Gb F32 Module for Synergy
    • Virtual Connect SE 100Gb F32 Module
  • Satellite module
    • Interconnect Link Module
  • Fibre channel interconnect modules
    • Virtual Connect SE 16Gb FC module
    • Synergy Brocade 16Gb Fibre Channel SAN Module
    • Synergy VC SE 32Gb FC Module
    • Synergy with Brocade 32Gb FC SAN Switches
    • Synergy BROCADE 32Gb FC Module
    • Brocade 32Gb vs 16Gb Fibre Channel ICM
  • Other interconnect modules
    • Mellanox SH2200 Switch Module
    • Synergy 12Gb SAS Connection
    • Synergy 10Gb Pass Thru Module
  • D3940 Storage Module
    • D3940 Storage overview
    • Synergy in-frame storage solution
    • Drive placement
  • Management Appliances
    • Embedded management architecture
    • Synergy Composer overview
    • Synergy Composer2
    • Synergy Composer enhancements
    • Secure Boot
    • Support for Synergy Composer2
    • Synergy 2-port Frame Link Module
    • Synergy 4-port Frame Link Module enhancements
    • Secure frame management
    • Secure Start

Hardware Install and Configure

  • Installation requirements
    • Installation requirements—power, space, cooling, rack
    • Learning check
  • Product configurations
    • Synergy configuration and frame fabrics
    • Frame configuration rules
    • Power supply configurations
    • Compute module configuration
    • Management fabric configuration
    • Management ring cabling exercise
    • Next generation Management fabric configuration
    • Next generation Management ring cabling exercise
    • Interconnect module configurations
    • Networking fabric configurations
    • Networking fabrics cabling exercise
    • Next generation networking fabric topology
    • Next generation networking fabrics cabling exercise
    • M-LAG support
    • Storage module configurations
    • Synergy Planning Tool
    • Warranty
    • Learning Check
  • Troubleshooting an installation
    • Troubleshooting tools
    • Resolving common setup issues

Software Management and Use

  • System management software
    • OneView management
    • OneView 5.2 new features
    • OneView Global Dashboard
    • Composer HA and failover
  • Firmware updates
    • Compute module firmware update
    • Firmware compliance dashboard and reporting
    • ICM firmware update

Troubleshoot and Resolve

  • System troubleshooting
    • Component LEDs
    • Troubleshooting tools—new OneView screens


  • FRU removal and replacement
    • Tools and safety precautions
    • Synergy 12000 Frame FRUs
    • Compute module FRUs
    • Verify functionality

Use Cases

  • Overview
  • Object storage use case
  • Hybrid cloud use case
  • DevOps use case
  • Virtualization use case
  • Collaboration exchange use case

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