HPE SimpliVity - System Administration

( Duration: 2 Days )

This HPE SimpliVity System Administration training course provides information and hands-on exercises for management of HPE SimpliVity. It also includes information and hands-on exercises for using HPE SimpliVity RapidDR software that simplifies and accelerates offsite DR through automation. The course covers a range of administration actions executed on HPE SimpliVity system with the SimpliVity VMware vSphere and RapidDR user interface.

By attending HPE SimpliVity System Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe the various components that form the HPE SimpliVity Federation
  • Distinguish between peer-managed and centrally-managed SimpliVity Federations
  • Identify how VM data is stored across HPE SimpliVity Clusters
  • Create datastores and perform different tasks associated with SimpliVity datastores
  • Explain the various SimpliVity operations like Clone or Move VM
  • Create manual and policy-based backups and use them for restore
  • Configure external stores for secondary backup
  • Perform basic support tasks on the HPE SimpliVity Federation
  • Use RapidDR to reduce service disruptions by automating remote site recovery

  • Networking technologies
  • VMware vSphere 6+
  • HPE ProLiant servers

The HPE SimpliVity System Administration class is ideal for:

  • Infrastructure administrators and system engineers who need to learn how to administer HPE SimpliVity.



Introduction to HPE SimpliVity

  • HPE SimpliVity’s HyperGuarantee
  • Business reasons for using HPE SimpliVity
  • Core features built into the SimpliVity solution via the Data Virtualization Platform
  • HPE SimpliVity use cases and the shift to Intelligent HCI

HPE SimpliVity Architecture

  • Deep understanding of the HPE SimpliVity Data Virtualization Platform
  • Elements within an HPE SimpliVity Federation
  • Basic concepts of a datacenter and cluster within the SimpliVity Federation
  • Levels of resiliency built into the SimpliVity solution
  • VM data locality in the HPE SimpliVity Federation

HPE SimpliVity Portfolio

  • Categorization of the various HPE SimpliVity hardware models and their supported configurations
  • Tracing the read/write IO paths for different HPE SimpliVity models
  • Explanation of how the tiered storage implementation works
  • Different networks that are used in HPE SimpliVity Federation
  • Generic sizing guidelines for HPE SimpliVity

Working with HPE SimpliVity

  • HPE SimpliVity management interfaces (GUI, CLI and REST API)
  • HPE SimpliVity Datastores and the operations permitted
  • Configuration required for access nodes
  • Performing HPE SimpliVity backups
  • Creating HPE SimpliVity backup policies
  • Managing and monitoring virtual machines in a SimpliVity Federation
  • Performing restores using HPE SimpliVity backups
  • File level restores
  • Backups on external stores for restore operations
  • Using HPE SimpliVity RapidDR

HPE SimpliVity Maintenance

  • Maintaining HPE SimpliVity hosts and Virtual Controllers
  • HPE SimpliVity alarms and events in VMware vCenter
  • Procedure to create an HPE SimpliVity support capture
  • Reports that are available through HPE InfoSight for SimpliVity
  • How to contact HPE support and find relevant documentation

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