HPE Recovery Manager Central

( Duration: 2 Days )

The HPE Recovery Manager Central training course provides provides hands-on configuration of the RMC appliance and the RMC-V appliance plug-in to backup and restore virtual machines.

By attending HPE Recovery Manager Central workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe the RMC architecture
  • Use RMC to back up VMs to a StoreOnce appliance using catalyst (CoFC and CoETH)

  • Basic knowledge of one or more of HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE Primera, or HPE Nimble storage arrays

The HPE Recovery Manager Central class is ideal for:

  • IT professionals who want to evaluate the deployment, configuration, and administration of services and virtual machines using RMC-V.



Concepts and Components

  • Explain the theory of operation of HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC)
  • Describe how RMC handles data (synthetic backup and multi-streaming support)
  • Describe RMC Catalog Protection
  • Describe the additional RMC objects when using RESTful API script
  • Describe the RMC Express Protect backup
  • Describe the RMC Element Recovery Technology (ERT)
  • Describe the Peer Copy feature

RMC Deployment Models

  • List the system requirements for HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC)
  • List RMC connectivity options
  • Explain the RMC deployment using VMware installer and Hyper-V installer
  • Describe consideration on choices during RMC deployment
  • Describe StoreOnce VSA deployment

Storage Devices

  • Describe the RMC workflow
  • Backup application using RMC quick steps
  • Explain items on RMC GUI
  • Configure items on RMC GUI
  • Explain copy policy
  • Explain remote appliance
  • Create Express Protect backups
  • Create Catalyst copies
  • Import and export a configuration file
  • Shut down and restart the RMC appliance

RMC-V Deployment and Operation

  • Deploy Recovery Manager Central vCenter plug-in (RMC-V)
  • Use vSphere Client (HTML5) to access RMC-V UI
  • Use the RMC-V interface to protect VMs and datastores
  • Explain the restore /clone options with snapshots and with Express Protect backups
  • Explain the VMware Linked Mode effect in operation of RMC-V
  • Explain the Element Recovery Technology (ERT) feature in RMC-V

HPE RMC and 3PAR StoreServ Remote Copy

  • Describe the functions of StoreServ Remote Copy and RMC
  • Describe Remote Copy configurations used with RMC
  • Describe Remote Snapshot in different RMC-x plug-ins

RMC Integrations

  • Explain the features of HPE RMC for Microsoft Exchange (RMC-E)
  • Describe how to install RMC-E
  • Explain the features of HPE RMC for Microsoft SQL (RMC-S)
    • Describe how to install RMC-S
  • Provide an overview of RMC for Oracle (RMC-O)
    • Discuss RMC-O deployment
    • Discuss RMC-O requirements
  • Provide an overview of RMC for SAP HANA (RMC-SH)
    • Discuss the SAP configuration required for RMC-SH
    • Discuss RMC-SH deployment

Troubleshooting RMC and RMC-x Plug-in

  • Resetting the RMC password Generating a support ticket
  • Using the Activity section of RMC to troubleshoot issues
  • Troubleshooting some of the most common issues with RMC and RMC plug-ins

Best Practices, Licensing, and Security

  • Describe the required licenses
  • Describe the best practices for RMC security


  • Describe the RMC upgrade process
  • Describe the RMC upgrade prerequisites
  • Describe the precaution steps before upgrade (so you can fall back to the previous RMC version if needed)
  • Explain what is supported or not supported in the RMC upgrade

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