HPE Pensando Administration and Telemetry

( Duration: 2 Days )

This HPE Pensando Administration and Telemetry training course provides essentials knowledge of Pensando administration and telemetry. You will be presented with an overview of the Pensando Distributed Services Platform followed by key topics which include the current release feature set, deployment considerations, VMware vCenter integration, telemetry and distributed firewall features.

By attending HPE Pensando Administration and Telemetry workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Identify the Pensando Distributed Services Platform features
  • Explain the Distributed Services Policy and Services Controller architecture
  • Identify the supported Distributed Services Card (DSC) and P4 processor functions
  • Describe the Pensando Release “B” feature set
  • Demonstrate the Pensando pre-deployment checklist and deployment considerations
  • Identify the method to install the drivers for the ESXi 6.7 DSC host
  • Explain how to deploy PSM node to the VMware environment and use the bootstrap script to start the required processes
  • Identify the methods available to register DSC to Policy and Services Manager (PSM)
  • Explain the process to decommission and delete DSC from the PSM
  • Create DSC profile for various types of servers
  • Explain vCenter integration to the PSM
  • Configure Netflow and bi-directional mirror sessions between the workloads
  • Collect the tech support file using PSM GUI

  • Attend a training on HPE Pensando Fundamentals or equivalent practical experience.
  • Basic knowledge of networking/network security, and Linux and VMware virtualization knowledge

The HPE Pensando Administration and Telemetry class is ideal for:

  • Administrators, engineers, and consultants who will administer and maintain the Pensando Distributed Services Platform



Product Overview

  • Distributed Services Platform—introduction
  • Policy and Services Controller
  • System requirements
  • Intent-based policy
  • Automation
  • Hardware platforms—Distributed Services cards
  • P4 processor architecture and functions

GA Release Feature Set

  • PSM target modes
  • Netflow/ERSPAN (traffic walk through)
  • Distributed FW/micro-segmentation (traffic walk through)
  • DSC driver installation and “penctl” tool
  • HPE supported platform
  • DSC in HPE iLO and uEFI
  • Dual NIC-supported topology and features
  • OS support

Pensando Pre-Deployment Checklist and Deployment Considerations

  • Review pre-checklist and verify customer’s environment for Pensando DSP deployment
  • DSC Management—inband or OOB
  • IP addressing scheme for PSMs
  • IP addressing scheme for DSCs
  • What is the network topology

vCenter Integration

  • vCenter integration auto-workload discovery
  • PSM—create vCenter integration
  • Displayn VDS and add DSC hosts
  • Create PortGroups in PSM and add VMs to PortGroup
  • PSM hosts and workloads via vCenter
  • VM communication—policy and DSC feature

Deploying PSM Node—Demo


PSM Upgrade—Demo


Telemetry Features

  • Telemetry overview
  • NetFlow capabilities
  • ERSPAN capabilities
  • Configuring NetFlow
  • Configuring ERSPAN

Distributed Firewall and MicroSegmentation

  • Troubleshooting basics
  • Gather information
  • Support options

Baseline Support Tasks

  • Tech support structure—DSC
  • Tech support structure—PSM

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