HPE Integrity NonStop X Server Administration

( Duration: 5 Days )

This HPE Integrity NonStop X Server Administration training course provides an overview of the HPE Integrity NonStop X server architecture and basic software functionality, including functions of OSM, TACL, and Subsystem Control Facility (SCF) for system, disk drive, tape drive, and communications lines monitoring. Additional topics include functional command use to allow monitoring system files with the use of FUP and monitoring the system spooler with PERUSE and SPOOLCOM commands.

By attending HPE Integrity NonStop X Server Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe computing environments and operator tasks
  • Be familiar with the HPE Integrity NonStop X BladeSystem server architecture, OSM, TACL, and SCF commands
  • Start up, monitor, and shut down your HPE Integrity NonStop X BladeSystem server and its subsystems
  • Change system configuration and recover from a previous setup
  • Demonstrate the use of TACL, FUP, and SCF commands
  • Describe how to manage security, disks, tapes, processes, and applications and identify and resolve common problems
  • View, modify, and correct system spooler and print job problems

  • Attend a training on Concepts and Facilities for HPE NonStop Systems or equivalent practical experience
  • At least 6 months operational experience on NonStop servers

The HPE Integrity NonStop X Server Administration class is ideal for:

  • System Operators and System Administrators
  • System Analysts and Technical Support Analysts



Course Overview


Computing Environments and Operator Tasks

  • Basic data processing
  • Multiprogramming
  • HPE Integrity NonStop X BladeSystem operations
  • Problem solving and problem prevention

HPE Integrity NonStop X BladeSystem Architecture

  • HPE NonStop server portfolio
  • Taking NonStop to server blades
  • Integrity NonStop X basics
  • Available Integrity NonStop X BladeSystems
  • NonStop X BladeSystems: NS7 X1 and NS3 X1
  • Scalability and migration/coexistence
  • Modes of execution and CLIM (I/O) products
  • NonStop server power configurations
  • Maintenance architecture
  • CLIM Maintenance Entity Unit (MEU)
  • Mirrored disk volumes

Operator Tools: TACL, OSM, and SCF

  • Introduction to TACL and the TACL environment
  • Open System Management (OSM) overview
  • Monitoring enclosures, hardware, and software
  • Event Management Service (EMS)
  • Monitoring processors
  • The Subsystem Control Facility (SCF)
  • Monitoring disks, printers, tape drives, and terminals

Managing Files

  • File system introduction
  • The File Utility Program (FUP)

Managing Security

  • Types of security issues
  • Managing NonStop operating system security

Managing Disks and Tapes

  • Disk volumes
  • Introduction to the CLIM and legacy storage subsystems
  • SCF CLIM disk drive actions
  • Checking disk drive actions
  • Tapes and tape drives
  • BACKUP and RESTORE operations
  • Backup and restore operations for OSS and NonStop SQL/MX
  • Labeled-tape operations using MEDIACOM
  • Common tape problems

Managing Processes and Applications

  • Processes—background
  • Common process problems
  • Pathway/iTS applications
  • Client/server applications
  • NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF)

Managing Printers and the Spooler

  • Spooler concepts
  • Common spooler and printer problems
  • Working with spooler jobs: PERUSE

Managing LANs and WANs

  • Networking Cluster I/O Module (IP CLIM)
  • SCF CLIM commands
  • NonStop Expand connectivity
  • Common problems—legacy connections

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