HPE ProLiant and Apollo Servers

( Duration: 2 Days )

The HPE ProLiant and Apollo Servers training course provides an overview of HPE products, tools, agents, and utilities that will help to set up, deploy, monitor, and maintain ProLiant and Apollo servers.

By attending HPE ProLiant & Apollo Servers workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Identify the HPE ProLiant servers in the portfolio
  • Identify the HPE Apollo air-cooled servers in the portfolio.
  • List key features of HPE ProLiant Generation10 (Gen10) and Generation 9 (Gen9) servers
  • Identify integrated Lights-Out (iLO) functions and features
  • Navigate the iLO web browser interface to perform server setup, management, and maintenance
  • Identify the stages of the Gen10/9 ProLiant boot process
  • Configure a server by using Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
  • Configure and deploy an operating system to a single HPE ProLiant Gen10/9 server using Intelligent Provisioning
  • Update firmware and software on a ProLiant server using Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP)with Smart Update Manager (SUM)
  • Identify other HPE tools and utilities that assist in the monitoring and maintenance of a ProLiant and Apollo server
  • Locate HPE websites for resources describing setup, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and support of a ProLiant server

Basic understanding of at least one of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • VMWare ESXi

  • Administrators, Engineers and Consultants who will configure and maintain HPE ProLiant & Apollo Servers



HPE ProLiant Servers

  • HPE ProLiant Gen10 Family
  • ProLiant Rack Servers Gen10
  • ProLiant Blade Servers Gen10
  • ProLiant Tower Servers Gen10
  • Apollo system and servers
  • HPE Gen10 CPU and memory
  • Storage and Smart Array Controllers
  • NICs and HBAs
  • HPE ProLiant Gen9 family
  • Comparing Gen9 to Gen10 servers
  • Module takeaways


  • HPE Gen10 and iLO 5
  • Certifications and compliance
  • Extended capabilities with iLO Licenses
  • Physical platform security additions
  • Gen10 networking and storage options optimized for security
  • Additional resources
  • Module takeaways

Preparing to Setup

  • Gathering server requirements
  • Setup overview
  • Module takeaways

iLO 5 (integrated Lights-Out 5)

  • Key features iLO iLO licensing
  • iLO security states
  • Additional iLO 5 tools, utilities and interfaces
  • Accessing and using the iLO web interface
  • iLO 4 Gen9 content
  • Additional resources

Configuring the Server

  • ProLiant boot process
  • UEFI System Utilities (F9)
  • Intelligent Provisioning (F10)
  • Boot Order (F11)
  • Network boot (F12)
  • Apollo Platform Manager (APM)
  • Module takeaways
  • Resources

HPE ProLiant Storage and Smart Array Controllers

  • HPE Gen10 Smart Array portfolio
  • Mixed mode
  • RAID configuration tools
  • uFF SSD SmartDrives and the Smart Drive Bay

HPE ProLiant Firmware and Software Maintenance

  • Firmware updates and iLO security states
  • Smart Update Technology Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) and Smart Update Manager (SUM)
  • Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP)
  • Smart Update Manager (SUM)
  • Smart Update Tools (SUT, iSUT)
  • iLO Amplifier
  • Module takeaways
  • Resources

HPE ProLiant Troubleshooting and Ongoing System Support

  • Troubleshooting basics
  • Gather information
  • Support options
  • Research known issues
  • Develop and/or implement an action plan
  • HPE warranty and support
  • Module takeaways

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