HP NonStop VTS Architecture and Troubleshooting

( Duration: 3 Days )

The HP NonStop VTS Architecture and Troubleshooting training course prepares you to install, use and troubleshoot a Virtual Tape Server (VTS). Topics covered include the subsystem architecture, installation and cabling of the VTS system, differentiation of key processes, server approaching, software administration, cartridge creation, export and import, and basic troubleshooting.

By attending HP NonStop VTS Architecture and Troubleshooting workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Know what a VTS is and what it can do
  • Install and cable a VTS system
  • Know which VTS processes are important and how to approach the servers
  • Operate the VTS as virtual tape unit
  • Know how to use the VTS software
  • Make backup VAULTS / POOLS / Virtual CARTRIDGES
  • Export and import cartridges
  • Perform basic VTS troubleshooting

  • Familiarity with NSK tape handling and
  • Familiarity with Linux and
  • Familiarity with HP ProLiant DL38* and MSA storage

  • System Engineers
  • System Analysts
  • System Administrators



Introduction to the VTS

  • Overview of VTS product
  • Typical VTS NonStop environment
  • VTS design goals and terminology
  • CE VTS learning path
  • VTS transfer of information -> NonStop University Media Library

VTS Hardware

  • VTS server
  • SCSI connection connectivity
  • HVD/LVD convertor
  • Fiber channel connectivity
  • Storage CLIM and storage connectivity
  • Physical tape drive connectivity
  • VTS models including capacity and connection bus numbering

VTS Storage

  • VTS storage options
  • VTS storage configuration operations

VTS Software

  • Linux environment
  • VTS middleware
  • VTS third products
  • Software releases

Basic Operations of a VTS

  • Functions of the VTS GUI menu
  • Backup and restore operation
  • Import and export operation

Configuration a VTS

  • First install configuration
  • VTS configuration
  • VTS configuration files
  • EMS configuration and automount
  • Log files of a VTS

VTS Internal/External Storage Configuration

  • Internal storage
    • Internal RAID configuration
    • Finding and configuring devices
    • Creating and securing VAULTS
    • Modifying the file system table
  • External storage
    • Finding and configuring devices

Access Control to a VTS

  • Features
  • Configuration

VTS Features

  • Data compression
  • HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management)
  • Instant/DR and AutoCopy
  • Scan/cleanup

Troubleshooting VTS

  • Securing the VTS configuration
  • HVD/LVD converter
  • Proliant server
  • Hard drives
  • Filesystem
  • EMS messaging
  • Useful tools

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