HP Integrity NonStop Operating System Architecture

( Duration: 5 Days )

The HP Integrity NonStop Operating System Architecture training course provides an in-depth understanding of the H-series and J-series operating systems architecture. It includes Itanium2-based processors and modular I/O. Post S-series changes include debugging, run-time architecture, memory, process control, and synchronization. TNS and TNS/E process executions are explained along with the internals that support user services. User services such as Guardian and Open System Services (OSS) file systems and process control are also examined.

By attending HP Integrity NonStop Operating System Architecture workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Understand Itanium-based systems
  • Know when to use a particular debugger Understand ordinary DLLs and programs using DLLs
  • Describe how virtual addressing is supported by the addressing schemes of both TNS and TNS/E processes
  • Understand the fundamental tools and mechanisms used by the NonStop operating system
  • Describe memory management process functions Understand the Guardian and OSS file systems and their supporting structures
  • Know the elements of the NonStop operating system that constitute the message system
  • Support HP software products

  • Working knowledge of C/C++ or pTAL

  • System programmers
  • Field analysts
  • Application designers



Hardware and Software Overview

  • NonStop Advanced Architecture (NSAA) hardware
  • NonStop Multi-core Architecture (NSMA) hardware
  • Modular I/O
  • CLIM hardware
  • Code generation, address space, code space, and process execution
  • Interprocessor and I/O Architecture
  • Message-based Operating System
  • Software layers


  • NS-series debuggers
  • Debugger selection
  • eGarth and eInspect
  • Visual Inspect (VI) and Inspect

Process Execution Environment

  • TNS/E processes
  • Building TNS/E programs and libraries
  • TNS processes
  • Legacy TNS processes
  • Interpreted TNS on Itanium
  • TNS accelerated on Itanium
  • TNS transitions
  • TNS calling native procedures
  • TNS application migration and debugging


  • Itanium processor addressing
  • Extended data areas
  • TNS/E process layout
  • TNS Process layout

Interrupts and Exceptions

  • Interrupts
  • NSAA interrupts
  • Synchronization and coordination mechanisms
  • Interrupt and auxiliary processes

Operating System Tools and Mechanisms

  • Data Structure
  • Time Services
  • Process Contention Controls
  • Classic Privileged Semaphores

Memory Access and Management

  • Hardware
  • Physical layer
  • Logical segments
  • Logical map
  • Sharing
  • Priv considerations
  • Page faults

The Message System

  • Interprocess communication within the same node
  • ServerNet topology and the message system
  • MQCs
  • Communication across nodes
  • Expand
  • ServerNet clusters
  • QIO

Process Life Cycle and Management

  • Guardian Process Creation
  • Process States
  • Process synchronization
  • Monitor Process operation
  • Processor Load and Reload

OSS Process Life Cycle

  • OSS Process creation
  • fork() and exec ()
  • Process termination

Guardian File System

  • Functions of the file system
  • Control structures
  • Open request processing
  • Receive depth
  • Nowait depth
  • Sync depth
  • Peek and poke

OSS File System

  • File systems
  • OSS file system and support
  • OSS file organization
  • OSS pathname mapping
  • OSS open


  • Storage I/O: architecture, operation, completion
  • Configuring storage device
  • Comparing storage and comm I/O
  • QIO
  • Outgoing comm I/O
  • Incoming comm I/O
  • WAN I/O
  • Other devices

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