HP Business Process Testing

( Duration: 3 Days )

In HP Business Process Testing Training course, you will learn the process of creating BPT components and tests using both QTP and QC. You will also learn to create and manage BPT application areas, object repositories, keywords, functions and scripted components. Good practices for the implementation of BPT automation are stressed throughout the course. All topics are supported by hands-on exercises designed to provide you with the ability to successfully automate using the BPT methodology.

  • Business Systems Analysts
  • Quality Center Project Managers
  • Other Quality Center Users
  • Quality Assurance automation engineers responsible for implementing business process testing within Quality Center using QuickTest Professional



Introduction to Business Process Testing

  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to Business Process Testing

The Business Process Testing Methodology

  • Overview of the Business Process Testing automation workflow
  • Examination of the roles and responsibilities involved in Business Process Testing/li>

Working with Business Components

  • Create and define business components
  • Add input and output parameters to component
  • Convert manual tests to components

Creating Manual Business Process Test

  • Organize business process tests in the Test Plan modul
  • Use components to create business process tests
  • Interpret business process test statuses

Running Manual Business Process Test

  • Evaluate run-time data for tests
  • Run the Business Process Test manually from the Test Plan module using HP Sprinter
  • Submit a defect
  • View run results

Configuring for Automation

  • Understand the role of ALM in automating BPT
  • Describe the role of QuickTest Professional in automating BPT
  • Describe the steps for configuration for BPT automation
  • Describe the automated test execution architecture for BPT

Building the Automation Foundation: Application Area

  • Understand the role of the automation foundation in automating Business Process Tests
  • Create an application area
  • Add associated files
  • Implement application areas according to the recommended task flow

Building the Automation Foundation: Resources

  • Create and configure an object repository
  • Assemble a function library
  • Create a custom function
  • Associate a function with a keyword
  • Associate a keyword with an object class

Creating Automated Keyword-Driven Components

  • Convert a manual component to an automated component
  • Associate an application area with the component
  • Add automated keyword steps to the component

Create Scripted Components

  • Select when to use scripted components
  • Describe the similarities & differences between scripted & keyword – automated components
  • Create a scripted component
  • Convert a keyword-automated to a scripted component

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