HP ALM Octane

( Duration: 3 Days )

This HP ALM Octane training course teaches to leverage the streamlined ALM solution to bring continuous quality to lean, Agile, and DevOps-focused teams. Attendees learn to manage quality information throughout the development cycle, from constructing requirements, designing and executing tests, through to monitoring defects.

By attending HP ALM Octane workshop, attendees will learn to:

  • Summarize what ALM Octane is and where it fits in your project lifecycle
  • Differentiate ALM Octane from the traditional ALM (ALM.NET)
  • Define the purpose of ALM Octane
  • Describe the various features and functionalities available with ALM Octane
  • Describe how ALM Octane helps in Agile methodology by supporting velocity without compromising quality
  • Perform administration tasks at a basic level on the ALM Octane platform

  • Have working knowledge of Windows, websites, and browsers
  • Understand basic testing concepts

The HP ALM Octane class is ideal for:

  • Quality Assurance engineers
  • DevOps team members
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance leads



Course Overview


Introduction to ALM Octane

  • Describe ALM Octane
  • Explain the ALM Octane lifecycle
  • Log in to ALM Octane

Project Management Flow

  • Set up releases, teams, and workflows
  • Build a backlog
  • Plan a release
  • Track progress
  • Analyze and monitor release quality

Agile Development Flow in ALM Octane

  • Plan and create workflow in the Agile model
  • Create backlogs
  • Plan releases and sprints
  • Create tasks
  • Track overall release progress
  • Add tests to backlog items
  • Run tests
  • Analyze test results
  • Work with release

Testing Flows in ALM Octane

  • Summarize the manual testing flow
  • Describe manual and Gherkin tests
  • Create tests
  • Execute tests
  • Report defects
  • Analyze results

DevOps Main Flow

  • Set up integration with a CI server
  • Create a pipeline
  • Configure the pipeline
  • Run pipelines from ALM Octane
  • Assign tests to application modules and backlog items
  • Analyze the build and release quality

My Work Page

  • Identify and view assigned items
  • View tests
  • View test runs
  • Advance the phase of an item
  • Relate items to other items
  • Attach files to items
  • View item history

Backlog Management and Release Quality

  • Define ALM Octane backlog
  • Explain the backlog cycle
  • Explain backlog entities
  • Build product backlogs
  • Create the backlog tree
  • Add user stories and quality stories to the backlog
  • Rank the backlog
  • Rank the backlog items subsets

Planning a Release

  • Identify release planning prerequisites
  • Build a release backlog
  • Assign backlog items to individual team members
  • Move stories to another release
  • Balance release and sprint workloads

Managing the Team Backlog

  • Break stories into tasks
  • Assign stories using team member buckets
  • Track team progress
  • Work on your stories

Working with Pipelines

  • Describe pipelines
  • Explain how ALM Octane builds pipelines
  • Display pipelines in ALM Octane
  • Create and configure pipelines in the Jenkins UI
  • Create an ALM Octane pipeline in Jenkins
  • Edit the pipeline and configure pipeline steps in Jenkins
  • Run the pipeline from ALM Octane
  • View pipeline results
  • Analyze automated test failures
  • Track code changes
  • View and share the pipeline overview

Creating and Running Tests

  • Create manual tests
  • Create Gherkin tests
  • Automate Gherkin tests
  • Create test suites
  • Save and compare versions of test scripts
  • Run manual tests, Gherkin tests, and test suites
  • Plan test runs
  • Add automated tests
  • Run automated tests
  • Analyze automated test run results

Managing Defects

  • Report defects
  • Fix defects
  • Monitor defects
  • Analyze product quality

Reporting in ALM Octane

  • Track and analyze build, release, and product quality
  • Analyze overall quality in the Dashboard
  • View an overview of product or release quality
  • Analyze product and release quality in ALM Octane grids
  • Analyze build quality using pipeline data

ALM Octane Dashboards

  • Describe and use ALM Dashboards
  • Use Dashboards
  • Create and configure widgets

ALM Octane Administration

  • Create workspaces
  • Create releases
  • Create teams
  • Add users
  • Create user-defined fields
  • Create forms
  • Create workflow phases
  • Create business rules

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