ArcSight Essentials

( Duration: 1 Day )

The ArcSight Essentials training course provides delegates with an introduction into the common security problems addressed by ArcSight’s Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution. Each module provides a high-level overview of an ArcSight product and describes how it solves the security risks experienced by digitally connected organizations.

By attending ArcSight Essentials workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • List the major security risks associated with a digital environment
  • Match the ArcSight solution to the security problem that is solved
  • List and describe the functions of all ArcSight products
  • Using icons provided in a topic review, construct a simple SIEM solution using ArcSight products

Knowledge of:

  • Computer desktop, browser, and file system navigation skills
  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP networking and database concepts
  • Enterprise security experience [highly advantageous]

This introductory course is designed for anyone interested in learning about ArcSight’s SIEM solution



ArcSight Technology Overview

  • Common Business risks faced by organizations
  • How ArcSight Technologies address these risks

What is ArcSight Express?

  • What are the problems solved by ArcSight Express?
  • How is ArcSight Express unique?
  • The benefits of using ArcSight Express

What is Logger?

  • What are the problems solved by Logger?
  • How is Logger unique?
  • The benefits of using Logger

What is IdentityView?

  • What is IdentityView?
  • How is IdentityView unique?
  • The benefits of using IdentityView

What is Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)?

  • What are the problems solved by ESM?
  • How is ESM unique?
  • The benefits of using ESM

What are SmartConnectors and the Connector Appliance?

  • What are the problems solved by SmartConnectors?
  • How are SmartConnectors unique?
  • The benefits of using SmartConnectors
  • The benefits of using a Connector Appliance

What are Compliance Insight Packages (CIPs)?

  • What are CIPs?
  • How are CIPs Unique?
  • The benefits of using CIPs

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