Talend Data Quality

( Duration: 2 Days )

The Talend Data Quality training course, is designed to help you immediately utilize Talend Studio for Data Quality. You learn how to evaluate data quality according to a set of metrics and thresholds based on indicators, models, and rules for each data item to be analyzed or monitored.

By attending Talend Data Quality workshop, attendees will learn to:

  • Connect to a database and run an analysis on it
  • Examine the contents of a connection to a data source
  • Create, configure, and run a column analysis
  • Generate regular expressions for pattern matching in an analysis to test data quality
  • Define indicator thresholds that are flagged in analysis results when violated
  • Create, configure, and run different types of table analysis
  • Define a SQL business rule and set up an analysis to identify rows that conflict with your rule
  • Create, configure, and run a table match analysis to search for duplicates
  • Use advanced matching to enhance identification of duplicates
  • Ensure data privacy by shuffling and masking customer data
  • Display analysis reports in PDF files and on Data Quality Portal

  • Attend Talend Data Integration - Essentials or Talend Studio - Essentials course or equivalent experience, as well as familiarity with SQL

The Talend Data Quality class is ideal for: Anyone who wants to use Talend Studio for Data Quality to assess data quality



Data quality in context

  • Concepts

Data quality analysis

  • Creating a database connection
  • Performing structural analyses
  • Performing a basic column analysis
  • Adding regular expressions
  • Defining indicator thresholds
  • Applying advanced statistics
  • Generating Jobs from an analysis
  • Using a column set analysis
  • Using a business rule analysis
  • Using redundancy analysis

Advanced matching

  • Getting ready for match analysis
  • Reviewing the match analysis process
  • Performing a match analysis
  • Configuring additional settings for the table match analysis
  • Using a matching integration Job
  • Deduplicating addresses

Data cleansing

  • Cleansing email addresses
  • Standardizing country codes

Data privacy

  • Shuffling data for privacy
  • Masking data for privacy
  • Masking data based on a pattern

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