Stibo - System Admin

( Duration: 3 Days )

This Stibo - System Admin training course, introduces the common tasks, challenges and issues which often occur when working with administration of a complete STEP system and infrastructure. This includes learning about the causes behind typical errors as well as how to utilise the appropriate tools for troubleshooting and eventually solving a problem. In addition, you will also learn how to monitor a STEP installation to proactively prevent faults and errors.

By attending Stibo - System Admin workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Identify the architecture of a typical STEP installation
  • Execute standard health checks to prepare a STEP installation
  • Handle the most crucial/used tools to administrate a STEP system
  • Follow Stibo Systems recommendations
  • Specify actions to handle performance issues for running STEP systems

  • Attend a training on Stibo - MDM Solution Fundamentals or equivalent practical experience.
  • Prior experience with common tasks and tools used in system administration. A typical role could be System Administrator, Network Responsible, IT Architect etc.

The Stibo - System Admin class is ideal for:

  • IT System Administrators responsible for maintaining an enterprise sized IT infrastructure.



Identify the architecture of a typical STEP installation.

  • Define infrastructure requirements
  • Translate infrastructure recommendations
  • Differentiate the 3 different layers of a STEP architecture

Execute standard health checks, to prepare a STEP installation.

  • Perform pre-installation checks
  • Discuss outcome of pre-installation checks
  • Determine next step based on the outcome of pre-installation checks
  • Summarize the difference between pre- and post-installation checks

Handle the most crucial/used tools to administrate a STEP system.

  • Utilize SPOT tool
  • Use the Administration
  • Distinguish STEP Config files, such as Sharedconfig and Config.properties
  • Distinguish the various STEP logs

Follow Stibo Systems recommendations.

  • Distinguish relevant stakeholders responsible for STEP Monitoring
  • Consolidate STEP housekeeping tasks
  • Summarize STEP security features, such as SSL, LDAP, and Encryption

Specify actions to handle performance issues for running STEP systems.

  • Identify at which layer of a STEP architecture a performance issue occurs
  • Collect Profiling logs by using the Administration portal
  • Utilize the SPOT tool to collect diagnostics data
  • Summarize processing procedure of collected data.

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