Informatica Multidomain MDM Entity 360

In Informatica Multidomain MDM Entity 360 for Developers training course delegates will learn to configure the major components of Entity 360 for the maintenance and consumption of Master Data. Leverage the Entity 360 tools to define core business entities, relationships, transformations, and configure customized user interface components.

In Informatica Multidomain MDM - Using Entity 360 training course delegates will learn to maintain and improve master data to manage business entities, define and share queries to search for business entities, generate the search indexes required for the smart search, and leverage the cleanse mechanism to enrich the addresses through the address doctor. Gain skills to build and manage hierarchies, merge duplicate records to create master records, and perform an unmerge, collaborate as a team to onboard new business entities through multi-level approval workflows.

By attending Informatica Multidomain MDM Entity 360 for Developers workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe MDM Tool spectrum
  • Create business entities, reference entities
  • Configure relationships between entities
  • Identify how lookups impact the entity 360 application
  • Describe functionality across IDD classic and Entity 360
  • Onboard data through flat file import
  • Describe alternate options to add master data
  • Explore search capabilities
  • Customize smart search
  • Define Data transformations
  • Describe workflow engines
  • Perform external cleansing
  • Define Entity 360 security

By attending Informatica Multidomain MDM - Using Entity 360 workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Navigate an Entity 360 application
  • Describe load process and trust settings
  • Manage (add, edit, update, and delete) business entities
  • Define basic and extended search queries
  • Relate business entities and build hierarchies
  • Generate indexes for smart search
  • Describe and list Entity 360 views and layouts
  • Describe cleanse operations and enrich address through address doctor
  • Perform merge and unmerge tasks
  • Collaborate as a team to complete workflows

For Informatica Multidomain MDM Entity 360 for Developers: Attending a training on Informatica MDM: Multidomain and Hierarchy Configuration or having an equivalent experience.

For Informatica Multidomain MDM Entity 360 for Developers

  • Developers

For Informatica Multidomain MDM - Using Entity 360

  • Data Stewards
  • End Users


Informatica Multidomain MDM - Entity 360 for Developers
(Duration : 4 Days)


Introduction to Entity 360

  • Master Data Overview
  • MDM tool spectrum and user matrix
  • IDD classic and subject areas
  • Entity 360 and the provisioning tool
  • Navigate the Entity 360 user interface
  • Define Queries
  • ActiveVOS Integration and workflows
  • Lab: Start services and add records
  • Lab: Two-step workflow
  • Lab: Queries

Configure Entity 360

  • Feature comparison of IDD classic and Entity 360
  • MDM Entity 360 architecture
  • Entity 360 integration options
  • Components of Entity 360
  • Define Entity 360 application
  • Lab: Create ApplicationConfigure lookups, business entities, and business entity views
  • Lab: Configure Reference Entities
  • Lab: Configure Business Entities and Relationships
  • Lab: Configure Business Entity Views

Customize User Interface

  • Configure role specific entity views and home pages
  • Define task manager, similar record, get related components etc.
  • Lab: Customize E360 External Components
  • Lab: Customize E360 UI Layouts
  • Lab: Customize E360 Home pages
  • Lab: Related Records

Data Cleansing

  • Cleansing components
  • External cleansing capabilities
  • Cleansing business entities
  • Define business entity to view, view to business entity, and business entity to business entity components
  • Lab: Person Cleanse
  • Lab: Debit Card
  • Lab: Address Doctor for Organization

Smart Search

  • Smart Search Configuration
  • Solr based smart search
  • Configure ElasticSearch
  • Define custom views for search results
  • Lab: Smart Search
  • Lab: Custom Search
  • Lab: Filters

Configure Workflows

  • Workflow components
  • ActiveVOS as a Workflow Engine
  • User roles and privileges specific to tasks
  • Manage documents with tasks
  • Define views specific to merge and unmerge
  • Add new records through a multi-level workflow
  • Perform Merge and unmerge through workflow
  • Lab: Multi-level add and update approval
  • Lab: Custom Merge Layout
  • Lab: Two-step Merge Approval
  • Lab: Custom Unmerge Layout
  • Lab: Two-step Unmerge Approval

Customize Customer 360 Application

  • Customize data model
  • Manage lookups
  • Configure Cleanse through Address Doctor
  • Configure search
  • Configure Role specific layouts
  • Lab: Extend C360 Data Model

Localization and Troubleshooting

  • Localization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Best Practices
  • Common issues and workarounds
  • Backup and restore
Informatica Multidomain MDM - Using Entity 360
(Duration : 1 Day)


Introduction to Entity 360

  • Master Data and MDM terminology
  • Load process and trust settings
  • Entity 360 architecture, data flow, and MDM Tools
  • Entity 360 components and role specific access
  • Data Governance
  • Basic and extended queries
  • Hierarchies and Relationships
  • Data export and smart search
  • Lab: Define basic and extended search queries
  • Lab: Generate smart search indexes

Data Onboarding

  • Entity 360 user interface and views
  • Related and Similar records components
  • Matching records and cross reference views
  • Match and Merge a business entity
  • Lab: Add records from the web application and merge two records for Person business entity
  • Lab: Merge two records for Organization business entity

Cleansing and Enriching

  • Cleanse operations and use cases
  • Address enrichment through the address doctor
  • Lab: Enrich an address using the address doctor
  • 4


    • ActiveVOS BPM workflows
    • Users and user roles
    • Triggers, tasks, and workflows
    • Lab: Onboard data with multilevel approval
    • Lab: Perform a two-step merge workflow
    • Lab: Perform a two-step unmerge workflow

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