Informatica PowerCenter Administration

( Duration: 4 Days )

In Informatica PowerCenter Administration training course, you are provided with the fundamental knowledge and skills to maintain an Informatica PowerCenter environment. This coure focuses on teaching individuals on how to use the Informatica Administrator tool to maintain the required environment.

By attending Informatica PowerCenter Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe core administration tasks and tools
  • Configure the Informatica Administrator tool
  • Create and configure necessary services
  • Plan and implement a backup strategy
  • Manage Informatica security
  • Audit security access and privileges
  • Perform ongoing maintenance
  • Stop or recycle a service
  • Review domain logs
  • Perform license management

  • Administrators



PowerCenter Architecture and Installation

  • PowerCenter Architecture
  • Domains, Nodes, and Services
  • Installing PowerCenter

Install PowerCenter Services and PowerCenter Client

  • Instructions
    • Step 1: Install PowerCenter Services and Create a Domain
    • Step 2: Install the PowerCenter Client

Creating and Configuring Services

  • Administering the Domain
  • Creating and Configuring Application Services

Create and Configure Services

  • Instructions
    • Step 1: Log In to the Administration Console
    • Step 2: Create a Repository Service
    • Step 3: Create a Repository Service to Restore a Repository
    • Step 4: Restore Repository Contents
    • Step 5: Create an Integration Service
    • Step 6: Add Repositories to the PowerCenter Client Navigator Results

Repository Service Administration

  • Repository Service Management
  • Repository Domains

Back Up and Restore a Repository

  • Instructions
    • Step 1: Back Up a Repository
    • Step 2: Create a New Repository Service and Restore Contents

Managing Licenses and Domain Security

  • Managing Licenses
  • Managing Domain Folders, Users, and Permissions
  • Activity Monitoring

Managing Domain Users and Folders

  • Instructions
    • Step 1: Manage Your Account
    • Step 2: Create Domain Folders
    • Step 3: Create Domain Users
    • Step 4: Organize Objects in Folders
    • Step 5: Grant User Permissions

Viewing and Managing Logs

  • Managing Logs

Viewing Log Events

  • Instructions
    • Step 1: Search Log Events in the Administration Console Log Viewer
    • Step 2: Choose Log Viewer Columns
    • Step 3: Run Another Log Event Query
    • Step 4: Search for Specific Log Events
    • Step 5: Modify Search Parameters
    • Step 6: Export Log Events
    • Step 7: Purge Log Events

Repository Management

  • Managing the Repository
  • Exporting and Importing Objects
  • Managing Repository Folders, Users, and Permissions

Repository Security and Folder Setup

  • Instructions
    • Step 1: Create Repository Groups
    • Step 2: Assign Privileges to Groups
    • Step 3: Create Users
    • Step 4: Create Repository Folders

Performance Tuning Activities


Real Time Implementation & Settings Concepts


Integration with 3rd Party Tools like

  • SAP, MQ-Series, Etc

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