Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) - Essentials

( Duration: 1 Day )

The Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) - is a new methodology for technology-enabled problem solving developed by the intelligence community for real-time integration of large, diverse disparate data (Big Data) streams. ABI emphasizes the importance of spatial temporal filtering for disambiguation among entities, activities, and locations of interest. Additionally, ABI is a Multiple Intelligence Sources (Multi-INT) approach to activity and transactional data analysis used to resolve unknowns [unknowns], develop object and network knowledge, and drive collection.

By attending Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Concepts of ABI
  • Decompose an intelligence or defense mission into the four pillars of ABI
  • Identify suitable ABI applications and apply ABI concepts
  • Assess the value of ABI over other contemporary data mining and analysis methods



Introduction to ABI

  • What is ABI?
  • What is the value proposition for ABI?

How does ABI differ from the existing paradigms for analysis?

  • Intelligence and defense
  • Big Data

Why ABI was developed

  • Discovering the "unknown unknowns"
  • The need for intelligence in data disparate environments
  • Understanding Patterns of Life (PoL)

Evolution and growth over time

  • The co-evolution of technology and analytics
  • From grass-roots to formalized tradecraft and methodologies

Pillar 1: Georeference to Discover

  • Enabling data discovery
  • Foundation for location-driven exploitation
  • Strategies for managing and structuring your data

Pillar 2: Integrate Before Exploit

  • Understanding your data
  • Foundation for non-linear analysis
  • Strategies for focusing exploitation

Pillar 3: Sequence Neutrality

  • Data-driven discovery
  • Strategies for forensic data analysis

Pillar 4: Data Neutrality

  • Harnessing data diversity
  • Strategies for geotemporal correlation

An Enabler of Analytic Modernization

  • How you can apply this in your workflow
  • Technology trends
  • Evolution of methodology and tradecraft

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