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( Duration: 5 Days )

This Prometheus training course will help you to develop skills to monitor and alert different microservices running on a system. In this course, you will learn the Prometheus architecture, to Monitor the core system components and services, and creating dashboards. This course also includes advanced operational aspects such as Alerting, advanced querying and Using Prometheus with Kubernetes..

By attending Prometheus workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Set up and use Prometheus
  • Monitor the systems
  • Maintain a time series database.
  • Monitor the dynamic cloud environments.
  • Learn a powerful data model and query language
  • Integrate an alerting and service discovery support system

Basic knowledge of :

  • Linux or Unix system administration
  • Shell commands, such as ls, cd, curl, etc.
  • Development experience in Go, Python, and Kubernetes would be an additional advantage.

  • Software developers
  • Network admins
  • System administrators




  • Introduction to Systems and Service Monitoring
  • Introduction to Prometheus

Installing Prometheus

  • Installing Up Prometheus
  • Setting Up Prometheus

Basic Querying

  • Dashboarding
  • Monitoring Host Metrics
  • Monitoring Container Metrics
  • Instrumenting Code
  • Building Exporters

Advanced Querying

  • Relabeling
  • Service Discovery
  • Blackbox Monitoring
  • Pushing Data
  • Alerting
  • Making Prometheus Highly Available
  • Recording Rules
  • Scaling Prometheus Deployments

Prometheus and Kubernetes

  • Local Storage
  • Remote Storage Integrations
  • Transitioning From and Integrating with Other Monitoring Systems
  • Monitoring and Debugging Prometheus

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