Git & GitHub

( Duration: 2 Days )

This Git & GitHub training course is intended for teams wanting to collaborate using GitHub, and for developers wanting to improve their Git skills. You start the course by learning to perform both basic and advanced Git commands. Then, you learn best practices for using GitHub as a platform to develop code collaboratively. By the end of this course, you know how to manage large-scaled projects using Git and GitHub.

By attending Git & GitHub workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Install Git on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Perform basic Git Commands like initializing a repository, creating a branch, and adding commits
  • Perform advanced Git Commands like rebasing, cherry-picking, aliases, and hooks
  • Set organization accounts to combine multiple GitHub users into an organization
  • Split up organization accounts into multiple teams
  • Create a repository and set up permissions
  • Make pull requests work, create a branch, push commits, create the pull request, have someone approve, and merge
  • Manage large-scaled projects using Git and GitHub

  • Experience with a programming language and should be familiar with navigating the command line.

The Git & GitHub class is ideal for:

  • Teams wanting to collaborate using GitHub, and for developers wanting to improve their Git skills.



Git—Basic and Advanced Commands

  • Getting started with Git & GitHub
    • Why Git?
    • Installing Git on Windows
    • Installing Git on Mac
    • Installing Git on Linux
    • Signing up to GitHub
    • HTTPS
    • SSH
    • Understanding Git
  • Basic Git commands
    • Configuration
    • Initializing a repository
    • Adding commits
    • Adding a remote
    • Pushing to the remote
    • Fetching from the remote
    • Pulling from the remote
    • Creating a branch
    • Merging
    • Cloning
    • Reset
    • Revert
  • Advanced Git commands
    • Amending commits
    • Rebasing
    • Interactive rebasing
    • Cherry-picking
    • Bisect
    • Aliases
    • Hooks

GitHub—Team and Enterprise Applications

  • Getting started with GitHub
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Searching GitHub
    • Starring repositories
    • Following people
    • Watching repositories
    • Commit email addresses
    • Notifications
  • Options for teams
    • Organization accounts
    • Teams
    • Paid plans
  • Working in teams
    • GitHub flow
    • Git flow
    • Documentation
    • Issues
    • Projects
    • Releases

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